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Summary: “If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination, which would you choose?” ~Robert Brault

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Published: 02/17/14 Updated: 02/17/14
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1. Felled In The Night By The Ones You Think You Love by Swiftlet [Reviews - 0] (558 words)
Original A/N:

“An exercise in First Person POV writing. I live in Boston, and after the bombings, I needed a place to vent the things that I have no words for. Alyn Hawke is the Hawke I’m closest to out of all the playthroughs I’ve done, if that makes any sense. I beat the game again with her today, and like the wonderful character in my head that she is, she paid me a visit afterwards, shot me a wry smile and said: “Let me handle this.”

So, I did. I feel a hell of a lot better, and I hope someone else out there likes this, too.”