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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, nor do I own any rights to the song "Sun and Moon" from Miss Saigon.
You walked down the hallway. It was a week until Christmas vacation, and in that time frame you needed to decide what to do. To make matters worse, the entire school had found out. All day everyone kept giving you the 'look'. It was very frustrating. Plus, they kept talking about it as if you couldn't hear.

You sat down at your desk. You tried to hide your face with your hair. It was no help at all. The classroom still whispered about the event, while their eyes pierced over at you. It made no sense at all. No one ever really noticed you before. Except him. The reason you forced yourself to go to school. The reason you took the worst language to learn. The reason you didn't mind blending in the crowd. The reason was Suoh Tamaki.

It was a dream having him in the same class as you. It is dreadful he's on the other side, and all the girls gawk over him. He flirted with every girl he came in contact with, but somehow when he did it; it sounded truthful. Tamaki's voice was pure poetry. The pain of French class was bearable to ask him for help.

"Is it true?" Tamaki slapped his hands on your desk. You jolted up to meet his dazzling purple eyes.

"Eh?" You managed to muttered.

"It's so sad for a beautiful maiden to be left all alone!" He threw his head into his arm.

"I-It's alright, Tamaki-Kun. I'll just have to drop out. There's no way I can do a duet by myself."

"Dreadful!" Tamaki got in your face. "I'll just have to take his part." He flailed his arms up in the air. "Come to the Host Club at 4:30!" He calmly told you before returning to his seat.

You wondered what to do now? It was bad enough to have everyone send you the pitiful look. Now they'll be sending you the jealous look. Was it time to go home already?

At 4:30, you slowly opened the doors to the music room. "Welcome!~" The boys of the club greeted you. Even in their uniforms they looked majestic.

You shook away your blushing face. "Tamaki-Kun, you really-"

"Tono, she's a bit plain looking." The Hitachiin Twins stated.

"What?" You growled.

"How can you be so cruel to a damsel?" Tamaki shrieked.

"Have some cake with Takashi and me!" Hani pulled you down nearly to his level.

"I'm not a big cake eater...." You tried to explain to the upperclassman, but instead tears welted in his eyes.

"Awe! I'll have cake with you!" You ended up hugging the senior.

"Okay! Let's eat!" Hani smiled.

"Okay." You nodded, and then it dawned on you what you just did. You had hugged your upperclassman. Not just any other upperclassman, but Haninozuki Mitsukuni. What's worse they all saw you. Well not everyone. Tamaki and the twins were too busy fighting to notice.

"Are you alright?" Haruhi asked you.

"Yes." You sighed.

"Here's your piece!" Hani handed you a small plate.

"Thank you." You slightly bowed your head, while Mori poured you some tea.

"I heard your partner backed out on you for the talent show." Haruhi mentioned.

"Yes. He said he has more important things to worry about then a silly talent show. I understand this audition doesn't benefit him at all. Still, it hurts a bit to be left alone. Yet, it's not right for me to cling to Tamaki-Kun. It's not his job to pick up the pieces." You explained.

"Tamaki is doing it because he wants to." Kyouya sat down.

"Let's practice now!" Tamaki jumped next to your side. Thus causing a gust of wind to blowup some strands of hair. In a second, Tamaki snapped his fingers, and the twins rushed to your side; pulling back some of your hair. Hani handed them a cute bunny hair tie, as they redid your hair.

"... W-What just happened?" You blinked.

"A princess shouldn't hide her twinkling eyes!" Tamaki explained.

"Tamaki-Sempai, you're scaring her." Haruhi calmly explained.

"We should start practicing!" Tamaki smiled.

"But Tamaki-Kun, you don't have to...." You tried to explain, but he had already started playing Sun and Moon on the piano. Somehow just hearing him play it drowned out all your troubles.

"You are sunlight and I moon. Joined by the gods of fortune." You began singing. The room fell silent as your angelic voice filled the space.

"You are here like a mystery. I'm from a world that's so different from all that you are." Tamaki started learning his part.

Things were like that for the rest of the week. Tamaki closed down the Host Club just so you could teach him his part. For some reason, the song felt better with him singing it with you.

Before you knew it, it was time of the talent show. The Hitachiin twins pulled back your hair into a neat looking bun. Even if your character was suppose to be poor looking.... You just couldn't get over the feeling of having no hair to cover your face. Unknown to you, they had used one of Haruhi's kimonos. They figured that's as common you're going to get.

Mori helped Tamaki with his mic, while Hani made you both do breathing exercises to help you both relax. Tamaki's Gi costume seemed to come from nowhere, while Kyouya looked pleased. Pleased as if he made a profit pleased.

Your cue to go on came on. Tamaki had taped himself playing the piano part of the song, and it was Kyouya's job to play it back for you both.

"You are sunlight and I moon
Joined by the gods of fortune
Midnight and high noon
Sharing the sky
We have been blessed, you and I" You started singing.

"You are here like a mystery
I'm from a world that's so different
From all that you are
How in the light of one night
Did we come so far?" Tamaki replied back. He softly touched your hand. It wasn't hard for you to pretend to be in love with him... since you were in love with him.

"Outside day starts to dawn" You pulled away; singing to the crowd.

"Your moon still floats on high." Tamaki spun you into his arms.

"The birds awake." You sang.

"The stars shine too!" Tamaki pulled away by a satay.

"My hands still shake." You held up your hand to the audience.

"I reach for you!" Tamaki pulled out his hand to meet yours.

"And we meet in the sky!" You both held hands as you sung.

"You are sunlight and I moon
Joined here
Bright'ning the sky
With the flame
Of love." You softly sang, as you brushed Tamaki's hair off of his eyes.

"Made of
Moonlight." You both ended the song together.

The crowd roared and cheer. You couldn't believe you actually did a love song with Tamaki.

"Look, mistletoe." Tamaki pulled you into a dip to give you a kiss.

Maybe it wasn't so bad that your buddy had left you hanging. Dreams do come true.
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