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Story Notes:
Hey hey! :) This is just something I randomly coughed up after playing about half of Xillia 2. I know how it ends and all but you can take this as you like. It really doesn't have any plot significance so no worries about spoilers either. ALSO, I've only played Xillia 2 in Japanese so even though there isn't much here, if it sounds weird and unlike Ludger in English I'm terribly sorry! ^^ Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I own nothing already owned by namco.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey hey! :) I WOULD post this on both luna and here but there's no category for Xillia there and while I put in a request for it a while back I guess no one's gotten around to it.

This is just something I randomly coughed up after playing about half of Xillia 2. I know how it ends and all but you can take this as you like. It really doesn't have any plot significance so no worries about spoilers either. ^^ Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I own nothing already owned by namco.
It was one of the few moments where everyone had branched off to enjoy a well-deserved break from the near constant fighting, world hopping and otherwise trying to pull together every last penny you could to help with the ever looming debt tied around your ankles. Everyone had gone their own way, including you, Elle, Lulu and Ludger in a little group. It had started as a simple walk around the quaint plains of Rieze Maxia. Elle had been adamant about finding something exciting, which in her child’s book equated to pretty rocks and shiny things. She had proceeded to drag you and Ludger around until she had worn her little self out. Her last major order had been that the three of you find a good hill where upon the seemingly endless sea could be seen.

Then of course she had made her usual demands of you. Using her beloved backpack as a pillow and lying next to you, you had been charged with brushing through her now loose hair and singing to her. Before long you were left with a snoozing eight-year-old. For someone who was so lively when awake, she was quite peaceful once you had her sleeping. That and she dozed off rather quickly. She really was one special child. To be honest you would have never thought yourself capable of admiring an eight-year-old before meeting Elle. Now that you had, there was really no going back. She had sucked you into an adventure of a lifetime. Granted there were times you wanted to give her the scolding of an equally long if not longer lifetime and then some, but then you remembered that she was really just a girl who cared just that much about those close to her, her father in particular.

You smiled to yourself, continuing to thread your fingers through her hair.

When the song you were on came to a close, you let the notes fade into nothing before turning your attention towards the sea. Just looking at the visually endless body of water before you drew the deepest of calms from within you, the rising of it coming in with the gently rising tide. There were a thousand and a half problems right now, but with the warm afternoon breeze smelling distinctly of salt and blades of grass tickling your legs, you could let it go if just for a few hours.

You couldn’t forget; but what you could do was let your problems go, let them ride the winds like a balloon tied to your wrist. This was an afternoon no to be spent worrying. Until monsters tried to take your head for the thousandth time this week, you were set on enjoying this one day.

You were just beginning to contemplate taking a nap next to Elle when you finally remembered Ludger and Lulu were still there. The cat was off doing his own thing as per the usual. What that really amounted to was just rolling around in the grass and trying to lug himself around enough to chase after bugs and gnaw on unsuspecting flowers.

Casting your eyes towards Ludger, you found him already looking at you. How long this had been going on you couldn’t say for sure, but you wanted to say it had been a while. There was just something about the intensity with which he was watching you and the way that his eyes seemed glazed over that told you this had been going on for a bit. The gentlest of smiles touched his face like a permanent feature, the bright sun highlighting the intensity of his aquamarine eyes.

Your insides fluttered.

Several blinks later he seemed to suddenly become aware of your gaze and the fact that he was caught red handed. He raised his gaze to meet yours, his smile deepening as a blush took to his cheeks.

You were wary of your tone when you spoke, thanking the fact that the distance between you wasn’t enough for a whisper to get lost in.

“See something you like?” you asked quietly.

He let his head drop to the side, his expression entirely too tender for the butterflies in your stomach to handle. “It’s just…you’re so good with Elle,” Ludger replied. “You’ll make a great mother someday.”

You didn’t quite know how to respond to that. If you hadn’t already been in the budding stages of what you wanted to call a relationship with him, you would have just taken it as a compliment and let it drop. But this was someone you were currently involved with. That in itself might not have been a problem, but it seemed very suggestive for just the beginning of your relationship…

Or you were just overthinking it.

“I would hope so,” you finally said, working to stifle your own blush as you looked to Elle innocently sleeping beside you. “It’d be nice anyway.”

What little of a conversation you had started trailed off into the hushed silence of the billowing grass bending at the will of the breeze.

“Kind of makes me a little jealous though…”

Your attention snapped back to Ludger, your fingers stopping their mindless motions for once. You felt like you had missed something ; you were pretty sure Ludger wasn’t trying to say he wanted to be a mother. “Jealous? Of what?”

As if realizing he had started to dig himself a hole, Ludger closed his loosely opened mouth, pressing his lips together as guilt painted its way over his countenance. Meeting your gaze timidly, his features relaxed as he seemed to give up on holding back.

“That you do all these things for Elle…”

Your brows went up again. Despite your efforts to remain calm and just a tad playful, your stomach was quivering with sparks of excitement. “Such as…?”

“You know…” His blush returned. “Singing to her…and playing with her hair…”

You hated jumping to conclusions with a guy who was so dense he wouldn’t know a girl liked him until she kissed him, but you couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

“Do you want me to do the same for you?” you asked quietly.

His eyes widened. “I—uh—“

“I’ll do it,” you offered. Adjusting yourself so that your thighs would make for a fine pillow, you patted your lap. “Come here.”

Ludger hesitated, holding you in suspension as both his cheeks and your own reddened. Your heart was held in momentary suspension when he moved towards you. Putting himself on his back, he gradually lowered himself until his head was in your lap. Timidly, he looked up at you.

“See? Not so hard,” you whispered, both to him and yourself.

Realizing this was going to be a first for you, the hand you had raised hovered in the air for a moment. Settling on the first song that came to mind, you let your hand make first contact with his hair. His hair felt as it always did—slightly coarse at first until the hidden soft texture made itself known to you. As your song began, Ludger still let his gaze linger on your face, but even he seemed to finally give in to the lethargy of the afternoon. You smiled to yourself, enjoying the serenity of his expression as he let himself relax in your lap. Eventually even you found yourself relaxing, unperturbed by the novelty of having Ludger in your lap.

It was one of your wordless songs, just another melody you had composed during your moments of idleness. Eventually, even that tune turned into one that was inspired by this day in particular with a few borrowed features.

Even Lulu seemed to catch onto the moment. Finally abandoning the attempts at play, he took to Elle’s side and curled up into a soon to be sleeping ball of fur.

After what felt like round about twenty minutes, Ludger suddenly spoke up.

“I’m going to fall asleep…”

You snorted lightly. “Yes, well, I believe that was the point…”

Ludger opened his eyes, looking up at you. He cracked a bemused smile. “True.” He paused, blinking several times before he then said your name quietly.

You were about to open your mouth and reply, but before you were even aware he had started to move, you found a pair of warm lips on yours. You didn’t even give a second thought when you gave into the simple gesture. You felt the sunlight in those lips, a mildly intense heat that mixed so appropriately with the cool breeze on your cheek. It wasn’t until then that you realized that this was the perfect addition to your lazy afternoon. Oddly enough, the kiss just seemed to bring everything together and add the final layer of peace. With that one gesture he sealed within you a day that seemed capable of lasting forever.
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