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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just movin' things over. I took a few minutes to change some of the syntax on this one since it was written years ago.
"Hiei, am I beautiful?"

Hiei glances at you incredulously from his place on the window sill a few feet away. You return his gaze, feeling troubled and rather miserable.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He asks.

Seeing your turmoiled expression, his face softens slightly as he looks away. You furrow your eyebrows.

"I'm asking you a question."

"That's a stupid, pointless question to ask." He shakes his head at you, his retort and general avoidance of the topic stinging.

"It's completely valid. How is it stupid and pointless?" Your second query brings up a small silence before Hiei gives his reply.

"Because beauty cannot logically be weighed as a universal truth. Asking me to do so is ridiculous." You smile and bite your lip.

"Then how is beauty measured, if not by fact?"

"It's an individual opinion, and each opinion is evaluated differently," he explains, his tone as flat as his normal facial countenance.

"You know," You think aloud, staring at the man on the window sill with wonder, "for such a closed person, you sure have an open mind."

Hiei grunts, but is otherwise unresponsive. Another stillness plays at your nerves until you manage to work up the courage to open your mouth again.

"Do you think I'm beautiful?"

His face as expressionless as ever, he shifts his body to look at you once again.

"Do you really want to know?" At your nod he stands up and begins moving toward the door.

Before he can say anything you add, "I want it straightforward. And be honest. I don't want you lying to make me feel better, or to insult me."

As Hiei walks past your sitting form, he stops for a moment and faces you, staring you straight in the eye.

"Yeah.". His answer, although short, is everything you can possibly hope for. You can't do a thing to prevent the blush from creeping up into your cheeks as you beam at him. His eyes widen in response and he looks away, a light pink dusting his face just like yours. "...For a human, I mean."

Your smile only increases in size as you reach your hand up to find his. Hiei smirks at you as you grasp his hand. For the next few moments, the two of you do nothing but stare. At last, you release his hand, and he resumes his path to the exit of your room. Suddenly, a realization hits you.

"But what about—" You cut yourself short as Hiei, who now stands with his back to you in the doorway, glances over his shoulder at you one more time. With a sigh, you continue, "What about people who think differently?"

"They don't matter."
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