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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: Um, I don't own Dot, Von, and a lot of other things mentioned in this story. But I like to write about them. That's all.
Dot figured she had the worst timing landing on her days off. After spending a boring day off yesterday and reading from a romance book with the most pointless tips, she just discovered she could have been at the clubhouse instead, perhaps in a fist fight. She had just heard of a potential crime scene from Liam and her first action was to ask if they were okay.

“Of course,” Liam had gruffly replied, tying something together in the background. However, she was looking at Vaughn as she asked because he was sporting a new black eye. But he looked quite proud of himself about it too. If she didn’t know any better, he might as well have been showing it off.

“Don’t ya worry yer sweet li’l head ‘bout this shiner, lass.” Vaughn reassured her. “Ya should see th’other guy.”

She was relieved to hear that they were but that also meant B.B. and Domino were going to be the ones who had to clean it up. After all, it was their job at the club to take care of mishaps which should arise. Getting any detail out of Vaughn was moot but she always figured she could ask her Von for the details about it later. After cornering Von in the back stockroom, she got the story out of him. Apparently, a fight between another rival gang of the Rock N’ Rollers ensued after the rival gang crossed over upon their territory and started to make a mess out of the clubhouse. Of course the boys got into a brawl and evidently, one guy had died.

Dot was staring at Von with wide-eyes, “Why didn’t anyone call me?”

“And what would you have done, squirt? Smack them with that rubber scepter you carry around?” Von folded his arms across his broad chest with a cocky grin on his features that soon disappeared closely followed by a sharp gasp and a wince. Dot smirked.

“That’s what you get.” She scoffed, then asked, “What happened to you anyways?”

Von slowly lifted up his shirt where the right side of his body was completely bruised with an angry black and purple shade, “Couple of broken ribs, not a big deal.”

“Big deal my ass,” Dot swore under her breath as she gently brushed the bruised area with the soft pads of her fingertips. “God damn it, Von, you have to get that treated.”

“It’s alright,” Von grunted, pushing his shirt back down. “I took plenty of painkillers. It’s a good thing they’re kicking in now ‘cause I have to go with B.B. and Domino to dump the body now.”

“Let me go with,” Dot pleaded but Von shook his head.

“No way, squirt. Vaughn told me to tell you on your lunch break to head straight home for today. We don’t know when those guys will be back for revenge, and nobody wants to be watching over your ass.”

“I can hold my own just fine, thanks.” Dot made a face, “And wouldn’t it make more sense if I went with you guys instead of waiting home alone? Safety in numbers, you know.”

Before Von retorted with some comment about Dot’s logic finally working when she wanted her way, B.B. and Domino stepped in with a black body bag over their shoulder. B.B. raised an eyebrow, very slowly and deliberately when he spotted Dot. Immediately, she shifted a little bit behind Von, averting her gaze to the ground.

“She was just leaving,” Von chuckled.

As if suddenly remembering something really dumb from the book she was reading from yesterday, she seemed to think that the situation suited the occasion pretty well. It must have been a coincidence, though but it presented itself perfectly.

Heading to her locker to grab her stuff, Dot took out a purple plushed hippo out of the storage. Clearing her throat and avoiding the excited looking smile Domino had on his face, she presented it to all three boys, “Since you guys won’t take me with you and I’ll worry about you guys… take Franz, Jr. with you as a body guard.”

Tip #1: With your loved one going away for a while and worried about their safety, tell them you arranged a body guard for them and present them with a teddy bear.

Dot inwardly kicked herself for suddenly remembering the tip and then foolishly acting upon it. It did seem really cheesy. But Domino was the first to react by dropping the bottom half of the body bag he was carrying, stepping up to Dot to take Franz, Jr. from her outstretched hands.

He turned it over to inspect it a couple of times before B.B. snatched it out of his hands. Domino made a small grunt of disappointment before heading back to his side of the body bag and picking it back up. B.B. looked down at the stuffed animal in his hand before giving it a slight squeeze.

It squeaked and Domino snickered in the background. Dot was having a very hard time trying to look B.B. in the face but she snapped her gaze back up when he spoke albeit a bit tough to understand with how thick his German accent was.

“Thank you, tiny one. Franz, Jr. is sitting up front with me.”

There was both a “hey!” coming from Von and a slight grumble from Domino considering that Franz would be sitting shotgun with Von and Domino riding in the back.

“That’s bull,” Von muttered as B.B. walked past followed closely by Domino, carrying the body. Dot seemed to be grinning from ear to ear while Von flicked Dot on her nose. “I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you. Franz, Jr. may just have an accident on our way up to the spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he happened to just fly out the window—”

“Don’t you dare, Von!” Dot said, poking Von in his broken rib.

Von sucked in a deep breath, “Keep it up Dot and Franz’ll have his very own grave.”

Dot shook her head and waved as Von walked out to catch up with B.B. and Domino. Grabbing the rest of her items and heading home, Dot wondered what else she could use from the book to surprise the guys with. There was 101 ideas and she’s got all day.
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