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Summary: A collection of drabbles for various Mass Effect characters. After much thinking, I'm making this collection mainly request only unless I come up with an idea.
Rated: K+
Categories: Mass Effect Characters: Ashley Williams, EDI, Garrus Vakarian, Grunt, Jack, Jacob Taylor, James Vega, Javik, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Kaidan Alenko, Kasumi Goto, Legion, Liara T'Soni, Miranda Lawson, Mordin Solus, Samantha Traynor, Samara, Shepard, Steve Cortez, Tali'Zorah, Thane Krios, Urdnot Wrex, Zaeed Massani
Genres: Comedy, General, Reader-insert
Story Type: Collection, Drabble, Reader-Insert
Warnings: Descriptive Blanks, Language, Name Blanks, No Warning
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Published: 06/11/14 Updated: 09/07/15
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Disclaimer: I don't own Mass Effect or you :)

1. Character lists and requests by Becks91 [Reviews - 3] Liked (93 words)

2. 1. Garrus by Becks91 [Reviews - 1] Liked (195 words)
So, here is the first of my 24 drabbles. Hope you guys enjoy it and I should be able to get the next one up soon :D

Enjoy :)

3. 2. Steve Cortez by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (283 words)
So for this drabble, cookies are awarded to my mom who helped me along with the idea. Enjoy! :)

4. 3. Javik by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (194 words)
I'm writing these faster than I thought I would, so here's the next one hope you all enjoy! :D

5. 4. Kasumi Goto by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (172 words)
My next drabble, not too sure about this one but enjoy anyway :)

6. 5. Tali'Zorah by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (168 words)
Here's my next one, but I'm really not sure about this so I think at some point I may re-write it :)

7. 6. Legion by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (211 words)
So this idea has only just dawned on me right this minute, so for any of you who have been reading this as I update my drabbles, I'm sorry about the long wait for an update :) Hope you all enjoy!

8. 7.EDI by Becks91 [Reviews - 1] (372 words)
Here's my latest drabble for this collection, and I truly am sorry it's taken so long. I have had terrible writers block and I still have =/

9. 8. Mordin Solus by Becks91 [Reviews - 1] Liked (178 words)
*slides in while smiling sheepishly* I guess you guys remember who I am right? Anyway I should be around more now I've got time to write :) Hope you enjoy.

10. 9. Garrus by Becks91 [Reviews - 1] Liked (259 words)
So here is my next drabble for you all, and for laptop101 who said they wanted another for Garrus. This one is for you :)

11. 10. Tali by Becks91 [Reviews - 0] (304 words)
Hi guys, here's my next drabble for this series. And this is also the request that TheWolfSage had asked me to do. So I hope you guys enjoy :)