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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own FREE nor you just my OCs.

Reader's age; 6

"Shuji, what's that?" You questioned your cousin as you stared at the fluffy thing in his hands.

Crimson eyes follow your gaze down to the white creature.

"It's a rabbit."

"Cool! Is it a toy?"

"No." Shuji replied as he held the rabbit out to you. "He's my pet."

You gently pat the rabbit's head.

"What's a pet?" You questioned as you gazed up at the redhead.

Shuji sighed; he should have known you would question him non-stop.

"A pet is an animal you keep to care for it."

"Does it do any tricks?" You asked, eager to know.

"Just one."


Rin had just arrived at Gou's house; waiting for you to come downstairs so that the two of you could head home.

"Daddy!" You rush down the stairs, tackling Rin with a hug as you reached him. "Can I have a pet?"


"What? Why not?" You give him the puppy pout and Rin had to restrain himself from giving in.

"You're not old enough to have one."

You cross your arms, a pout evident on your face.

"But Shuji has one, so why can't I?"

Rin sighs as he kneels down to your level. He places a hand on your head and you glare back at your father.

"Shuji isn't my kid." He ruffles your hair. "When you're older, I'll get you a pet."

"No. I want one know."

Rin wondered if he was this impossible at your age.

Extended Ending

"So can I have a pet now?"

God, you would not give up. No matter how many times he said no, you still bugged him about having a stupid pet. Why did you want one so badly? You were beginning to annoy Rin with your constant nagging.

"If I say yes will you stop?"


Rin had a feeling this was your plan along to nag at him until he gave in.

"What kind of pet do you want?"

"I want a shark."


You would have to settle for a gold fish.
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