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Story Notes:
I do not own Harvest Moon, the characters and YOU. I only own the plot (if there is any).

[EDIT as of 8/14/14: I decided to mark this collection as temporarily complete until I get more inspiration for it. I'm sorry for those waiting, but I have to do this for the sake of my brain! I apologize, but it will be updated someday! Maybe not now, but it will be eventually.]
Author's Chapter Notes:
First one posted! This is I, Shirogane, your master! Kidding. The Harvest Moon fandom isn't all that large, so I doubt if I'm gonna get reviews for this, but I can hope, right? XD

Rebirth, New Beginnings, Eternal Life

You froze when a knock came from your door, whipping your head towards its general direction with wide eyes. You didn't know why, but for some reason you were quite jumpy this day. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that just yesterday you almost died by falling from your own carriage and successfully injuring your horse in the process.

You blinked and smoothened your dress, slighty smiling with the comfortable feel it gave you. You liked it; with its red and orange shade, complete with a bandanna tied over your hair and brown work boots that fit perfectly on your feet. You twirled once, giggling at the soft sound the skirt made.

''[Name]? Are you awake? I'm coming in!''

You gave a start at the sound of the mayor's voice through your door and you hurriedly rushed forward to allow him in entry but stopped when he opened it himself, stepping through the threshold with a friendly smile on his face. You vaguely noticed the laugh lines along the corners of his eyes, evidence of his personality.

''Hello my dear. How are you adjusting? Is the house suited to your liking?'' the man asked, placing his cane in front of him.

You smiled. ''Yes, Mayor Rutger. It's perfect.''

Thus, the start of your life as a member of Bluebell Town.
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