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Summary: Flowers are beautiful, not only because of their appearance, but also because of the meanings they hold that can describe life as we see and don't.


Tale of Two Towns
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Published: 07/10/14 Updated: 08/08/14
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I do not own Harvest Moon, the characters and YOU. I only own the plot (if there is any).

[EDIT as of 8/14/14: I decided to mark this collection as temporarily complete until I get more inspiration for it. I'm sorry for those waiting, but I have to do this for the sake of my brain! I apologize, but it will be updated someday! Maybe not now, but it will be eventually.]

1. You by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 23] Liked (220 words)
First one posted! This is I, Shirogane, your master! Kidding. The Harvest Moon fandom isn't all that large, so I doubt if I'm gonna get reviews for this, but I can hope, right? XD


2. Ash by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 14] Liked (281 words)
I married Ash in my first walkthrough. He says the sweetest things! And I think he really does have a complex with the women in his life. We had a daughter, and I named her Ashley. I asked my brother on what I should name my child if it was going to be a boy, and he nonchalantly answered, ''Usher. Sounds like Ash, right?''

I lol'd, then punched him. Like hell I'm gonna name my son Usher.


3. Cam by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 16] Liked (284 words)
Because Cam is just so.... I don't really know how to describe him lol He's handsome, that's for sure XD

I have a question... Who's your favorite ToTT bachelor and why?

4. Hiro by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 18] Liked (340 words)
Yeah, I had to edit this for mistakes lol Anyway, thanks guys for the reviews! And here is our shotalicious doctor of Konohana!

5. Kana by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 17] Liked (157 words)
Yeah... Sorry for the late update! I got sick... But I'm okay now! Sorry for not replying to your reviews... I'll get to them eventually! And holy moly guys, 34 REVIEWS? I am speechless.

And I don't really like Kana... No offense to Kana fans out there! :3

6. Mikhail by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 16] Liked (210 words)
The reviews doubled at 62!!!! What's the matter with you people??? When I saw the amount, I got scared. It might try to bite me XD

But guys, thank you so much! I feel so loved! So very loved! Even though almost all of you guys are anonymous, still! It's great go have reviews!

Here's Mikhail for you my lovelies!

7. Dirk by ShiroKuro [Reviews - 8] Liked (219 words)
And Dirk has allowed me to post a chapter! This so long overdue, and I apologize. Forgive me? *stares at everyone with puppy dog eyes*