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Story Notes:

I've been here for almost a year and yet I haven't written a thing so I did this!

Disclaimer: I don't own Haikyuu! or anything related to the series, even Kuroo.



Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first story so please be good with me. If you have any questions, do ask :D. I hope that Kuroo's IC :<

Short one shot is short, I really suck at writing -_-

Anyway, Enjoy~!

"IT'S SO HOOOOT!" You moan as you start rolling in the bed you both shared with the dark haired volleyball player. Kuroo can't help but be annoyed at you. Yes, he always wants to hear you moan, but not like this...!

"IT'S SO HOOOOOOOOT!" You still continue to moan but it's not like you can help it! The AC broke down and you just can't take it anymore! "Oh shut up!--" You blush as Kuroo suddenly moves on top of you and press you on the bed "-- if you don't stop going on about how hot it is, I'm going to give you another reason to feel hot."



"I love you" You heard him saying this after such blissful and hot night you had with your lover. You woke up with the sight of his messy black hair and you start combing your fingers through it. As your fingers caress his hair you say to him "I love you too" You didn't see him smirk.

Chapter End Notes:

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