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Trying to sleep on a hot summer night can't be that bad.


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Published: 07/23/14 Updated: 07/28/14
Story Notes:

I've been here for almost a year and yet I haven't written a thing so I did this!

Disclaimer: I don't own Haikyuu! or anything related to the series, even Kuroo.



1. Chapter 1 by anonmeansanon [Reviews - 34] Liked (167 words)

This is my first story so please be good with me. If you have any questions, do ask :D. I hope that Kuroo's IC :<

Short one shot is short, I really suck at writing -_-

Anyway, Enjoy~!

2. Chapter 2 by anonmeansanon [Reviews - 20] Liked (327 words)

I just realized that I like creating Extended Endings XD.

I just finished this and I hope I satisfied those who wished for more

Sorry if you're not satisfied but do enjoy this~

One more thing I never did told you guys Rea-chan and Kuroo's age but they're in their 20+ or something

THANK YOU Ame Yuki, Anya, Alia, Melanie96, Ninjagirl, AnaRaE, Magan, Kairi, Emili, JOkA, Sarcha, Ricka, NINA, Beccae, Clover, Anonymous, Belle, Jade, NILNA, and especially, my first reviewer Hana for your reviews!

DISCLAIMER! I don't own Haikyuu or any related stuffs D: