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Summary: Ailsa Perihan is an orphan who is part elf, yet she doesn't realize it just yet. However, her best friend (and possibly boyfriend?!) Lorcan isn't about to leave her side when she needs him the most.

With a war between elves and humans about to break out and the deadly Anthropophage after Ailsa, will they be able to survive?
Rated: T
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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Published: 07/27/14 Updated: 07/27/14
Story Notes:
I wrote this back in October and I never finished writing the book! I was so determined to finish it too...maybe I'll finish it during my winter break!

1. The Sword by Rei Kuroko [Reviews - 1] Liked (2858 words)
So, this is the first chapter of a book that I plan on finishing (have no idea when though), but I just hope that it isn't too confusing.

Since i wrote it in October 2013, my memory of the story is a little rusty...

Oh! and I had footnotes, but I can't really make footnotes here so I just put them in parentheses ^^