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Story Notes:
I'm sorry that this is so short and if any of you have read my other stories I promise that I have chapters to come for them..
Anyway this is my atempt at an original story so any help will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
Author's Chapter Notes:
You don't get much about why you are in the place but I'll expand on that in a couple of chapters
By closing your eyes you enter into a room, well more of a world. It's dark, save for the gas lamp in the far corner. As you approach the lightest part of the room a small snuffling sound can be heard. Turning to look for the source of the sound various thoughts pass through your head, what was making the noise? A monster, perhaps one from your nightmares. They had said this was the home and sanctuary of fear.
Maybe this was one of them. You crept closer to the lamp in the hope that you could use it to further your search. Then maybe you could be done with this evil place, so that you could wake up and feel the light and warmth of the sun once more.
Chapter End Notes:
Once again thanks for reading and any reviwes will be greatly adored.
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