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Summary: A small story that will (hopefully) show a life progressing as they (you) try to find their way back to the light
Rated: K
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Published: 08/04/14 Updated: 10/24/14
Story Notes:
I'm sorry that this is so short and if any of you have read my other stories I promise that I have chapters to come for them..
Anyway this is my atempt at an original story so any help will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

1. Taking the plunge by laptop101 [Reviews - 2] Liked (130 words)
You don't get much about why you are in the place but I'll expand on that in a couple of chapters

2. Alone in the dark? by laptop101 [Reviews - 0] (226 words)
I'm back darlings. I hope that anyone who reads this is starting to make up their own ideas about what's going on.