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Vale wakes up far from home. How did he end up there? How will he get home? How will it affect him when he does get home? The experience will be one he won't forget.

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Published: 08/04/14 Updated: 09/06/14

1. Chapter 1 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 1] Liked (821 words)

This has been floating around in my head. I originally meant to make this just one story, but I'm too lazy to write it all out.

2. Chapter 2 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 0] (770 words)

This is turning into a longer story than it was supposed to be. Oh well. Reviews would be lovely, but not required. I'm trying to better my grammar and punctuation since it's been so long since I've been in school. Even then it's been years since we spent a lot of time on it.

3. Chapter 3 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 0] (865 words)

This story is going to be long than I originally planned. I keep coming up with new ideas for it.

4. Chapter 4 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 0] (1190 words)

Ugh, I've been so depressed lately. I had a really bad conversation that I can't stop thinking about. I would determined to write through it though. There will probably only be one or two more chapters for this story. It was never supposed to be long.

5. Chapter 5 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 0] (1388 words)

Part of me is happy this story is almost over. I've had to force myself to continue writing because I hate it when stories are left unfinshed. I've already done that with That which hunts you so I don't want to do it with another story. On the other hand I just came up with more ideas for it, but I don't know if it's a good idea to open that door. 

6. Chapter 6 by lostinafairytale [Reviews - 0] (1211 words)

Last chapter! I didn't want to pursue the other ideas I had. I was ready to end this story. Thank you to all those who read my stories. It means a lot. Seriously you have no idea.