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Story Notes:
Inspired by this comic

"Mako-kun, do you know-"

"Ah, wait, could you please-"

You turned around, gaze tilting upwards to meet Makoto's... Only to freeze as something soft brushed across your lips.

Makoto stared down at you, his face mirroring your shock. His eyes (brightalluringandohsogreen) were impossibly close, so close you could see your own irises reflected in his. You could feel the air move past your lips as he sucked in a breath in a stifled gasp. You could feel the heat from his skin on your nose.

Then time started moving again, and you both jumped back with a squeaky yelp.

"I-I-I am so so sorry!" Makoto spluttered, leaning as far back as he could in the tiny space that made up his kitchen. His hands fluttered helplessly between the two of you, seeking comfort or to comfort you didn't know. You could see the reddish blush crowning his cheeks, ears and neck. You pressed your hands against your lips, feeling your face get just as hot. "I really really am, I d-d-didn't mean to, it was an accident I swear!"

He needs to stop talking, you thought faintly, feeling heady. He needs to stop talking, because there is nothing cuter than a blushing Makoto, and if he didn't stop right now you would...

Oh, to hell with it.

"P-please don't be uncomfortab-mmf!" Makoto's voice died in his throat as small hands grasped his flailing wrists and pulled them down, and soft, soft, lips so warm and soft pressed against his.  

You let the kiss sit for a moment, before pulling away and peeking up at his reaction. Makoto looked like he'd just been hit by a brick. His eyes were frozen on your face. His jaw trembled, as if it was having trouble holding up his open mouth.

He is too damn adorable, you thought in dismay.

You opened your mouth to speak, then realized you didn't know what to say.

Makoto was still staring at you.

You decided that you'd used up your quota of courage for the month and shut your mouth, whirled around to face the counter you'd turned your back to, and started chopping the carrots so hard it was like you were trying to murder the silence permeating the kitchen. It wasn't working very well, you admitted to yourself, tears of embarrassment slowly rising up to blur your vision. If the silence lasted any longer, you were going to scream.

Large hands closed around yours, loosening your hold on the knife and pulling away your fingers from the board. Gently, they turned you around. You hesitated, then peeked up at Makoto once more. He looked as flustered and as teary-eyed as you did. He bit his lip, fidgeting, as he shifted his weight from foot to foot. His hands hadn't let go of yours, but they didn't seem to want to stay still either. He opened his mouth, then closed it, then looked to the side as he searched for something to say.

"...Mako...to?" You hedged, his own nervousness bleeding over to you. His eyes snapped towards you, and you realized that you had just called him by his whole name. Your eyes widened, the apology ready to fly off your lips-

Only to be muffled, as Makoto threw his arms around you and hugged you tight. He buried his blushing face in your shoulder with an unintelligible noise of distress, making you squeak. The two of you stayed frozen like that, your hands raised awkwardly, unsure of where to go, his face a hot compress against your neck, your mouth fluttering open and close like a fish as he shook imperceptibly against you.

You dredged up the last of your remaining courage from the depths of your soul and hugged him back, burying your own flushing face in his own shoulder. A breathless laugh escaped your lips, muffled against his shirt. Slowly, his shaking grip on you relaxed.

You two must be really made for each other, you mused, your smile blooming on his skin like a kiss.

Chapter End Notes:
This is so cute I died while I was typing it.
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