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Story Notes:
Shirogane does not own KHR and Sawada Tsunayoshi. She only owns the plot.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Because I'm a terrible authoress. I start some fics and don't update at all lol Sorry about that. I'm a procrastinator so it's hard for me to stay interested in one thing for so long.

Still, I take oneshot requests! The request form is in our account. But I ain't responsible if you wait too long for me to finish XDDD

I plan on making a drabble book for Starry Sky. What do you guys think?

Moving on. Enjoy!
He was adorable.

Every little thing he did brought a smile to your face. Everytime he laughed along with his friends, whenever he panicked everytime a teacher asked a question that he didn't know the answer to, and even when he stared with a lovestruck expression at the school's popular idol that he obviously had a crush on. He was so adorable, that sometimes you just wished to march over to him and say it to his face.

Because you were in love with Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Your bright eyes would follow his every movement, anticipating something exciting to happen, not knowing what that particular thing was at all. But ever since you saw the baby in a fedora talk to him on top of the school rooftop where you conveniently ate lunch alone, you knew that Tsuna had something great within him.

You didn't know if it was blind devotion on your part, but your belief was your belief and no one could change that. Even though he was often bullied for being useless, you knew that someday he was going to rise above those idiots that brought him down with harsh hits and even harsher words with something unimaginable.

All because you were in love with him. And because he was adorable.

You were contented with just watching from afar. You were quite used to it actually. Ever since you went to Namimori Middle School, all you got was the temporary attention a new student would get, and after that, with your dull colored hair, too big eyes and not-so beautiful face, you were quickly forgotten. Honestly, you preferred it that way. If one kept to himself, he wasn't burdened with the pressure of proving himself to his peers.

In other words, you had faced the reality that you had no friends, merely acquaintances. And you liked your solitude. Until you met him.

You had been drawing something on your sketchbook on top of the rooftop, situated where you wouldn't be seen by the feared Disciplinary Committee President. You loved to draw, you really did, but sometimes when a muse struck you, you would completely forget about your surroundings and would focus on your piece of art. It had been a few days since your transfer and the excitement about you already died down so you had been alone.

That was when he had decided to enter your life. Tsuna was being chased by some guys whom you recognized as some upperclassmen and he had burst through the rooftop entrance with less to no grace at all, his skin bruised and hair more messy than usual. He had ran to hide behind you and you thought...

What a coward.

Irritated with the sudden intrusion in your private time, you had stomped towards the three older guys and slammed your rather thick sketchbook on their faces. You knew that it had hurt them even just a bit, and only did you realize that what you did was stupid and that you were so done for. You had thanked God that the three did not hurt girls and had left throwing you dirty looks. Tsuna had repeatedly apologized for using you as a shield and of course, you had accepted it, proceeding to continue your drawing. You were surprised when instead of leaving, he had sat beside you. You learned that those guys stole his lunch, so you decided to give him half of yours.

No I couldn't...

Just take it already. I know you're hungry.



He had complied to your wish and withered a bit when you gave him a pointed glare.

He had eaten in silence. You had felt him stealing glances at you which disturbed you, and you met his stare with one of your own. He had sputtered, blushing and shaking his head. You had thought of it as cute.


You had demanded to know why he kept looking at you, averting yourself when his eyes steeled at your face. There, you had noticed that his eyes were beautiful.

Can I... ask you a question?

You're already asking, but fire away.

Don't you have... any friends?

You had given him a blank stare, one that made him apologize over and over again for asking such a rude thing. You had shaken your head, wanting to know why he asked since he also had no friends. He had blinked at you, making such a sad expression that your heart had hurt.

I don't want someone else experiencing what I'm going through.

Your heart had fallen.

After that, you never talked again. Whenever you would see each other in the hallways or even in the classrooms, you would automatically turn away. Every time that happened, you would blush, hoping that he wouldn't notice. He didn't. You were relieved, at the same time quite disappointed. That meant that he didn't care.

If your hope for him to notice you was at the bare minimum, it completely disappeared when he started to gaze at Sasagawa Kyoko with hearts in his eyes. You were indifferent to the girl with the perfect smile, but you started to hate her when she stole the attention of the only guy that you liked. Not that you owned it anyway. But although everytime Tsuna stared at Kyoko with those beautiful eyes of his, you couldn't help but sigh. Although it made you feel that a thousand needles were pricking your heart, you couldn't help but think.

He was indeed adorable.

You sighed, shaking your head. That was enough reminiscing to last you a lifetime. You closed your notebook and glanced towards the corner where Tsuna was seated. He was surrounded by the friends that he acquired throughout your second year, and you were quite suprised on who they were. You smiled. He accomplished such a task in such a short time that you couldn't help but feel proud of him. He did what you couldn't do, and that was enough to make you fall for him more. You gathered your books towards your chest and stood up, walking out of the room with head held high. It was time for you to draw again.

You didn't notice the eyes that you loved so much follow you outside. If you did, you would have thought it romantic.

Adorable, even.

You made me fall for you. Please take responsibility.
Chapter End Notes:
P.S. I seriously spent hours thinking of the crappy title.
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