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You were humming a soft tune when you heard a knock at the door. You wondered for a minute, 'Who could that be? Better not some kid singing 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman' again'. You sighed as you were standing up from where you were sitting, the person came in suddenly, it was Saeki.


 "Honey~ I'm home!" He greeted as he walked to the living room. "Huh? Where are you, hun?" He asked, wondering about your whereabouts. 


"IN THE KITCHEN!" You shouted while you took the cake from the oven.


Saeki suddenly popped into the kitchen and asked."Honey, what are you doing?" 


"I baked a cake, do you wanna try it?" You suggested, "After I finished decorating it of course" you quickly added as he was already advancing to the plain cake.


He pouted but then he suddenly smirked, as if he was going to do something mischievous. You raised an eyebrow at his reaction but he just smiled innocently, you know he was up to something but decided not to bother anymore and proceed decorating the cake.


 As you finished decorating it, you divided the cake and gave Saeki his part. You were just walking away when he suddenly grabbed you and brought you closer to him, he said seductively "Feed me" he smirked sexily.


 "WHAT! BUT WHY!" You whined but he just continued to smirk at you.


 "Because you made me wait, that's why" He said as if it's obvious.


 'He.... He's right but he always teases me ugh it's not fair' You pondered for a while but when you saw that he's waiting, you sighed, relenting "Ugh fine." you picked up the fork and began to feed him.


 "Mmmm... It's sweet.. But you know what's sweeter?" He leaned in to kiss you. 


"You're the sweetest, because you're my honey~"




You blushed as you bowed down your head, "Tch! Shut --eeep!" you were suddenly lifted from the floor bridal style."W-W-What are you doing!" You blushed furiously as you held him for your dear life not that Saeki's going to let go of you but still. 


"Oh, nothing , just continuing our activities in the bedroom" And now you are sure you look like a tomato.


 "Saeki!" You shrieked while he just chuckled at your reaction as if you haven't done it already .


"I love you honey~" He proclaimed suddenly making you raise your head up and look at his admiring gaze and sweet smile.


 You smiled back at him and kissed his lips, liking his surprised look while saying to him "I love you too~"

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