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Ash Mountain

Chapter One: The First Year:

The First Morning

Heavy rain morning

Carriage pulls up to big house

Our story begins here

His Lord

Beautiful ice man

Scary glare at young fresh meat

Follow him inside

Innocent Flower

Little prize for him

She stands silent and so small

Paler than pure snow


Her family is poor

This lord could free them from debt

They finished that deal


They left her behind

She will be his hostage now

All to pay off debts


His place is foreign

She doesn't understand anything

"Why did they leave me?"


This house is her cage

Glittered and pretty

She will never leave again


"Talk to me," he says.

She remains silent; won't talk

This goes nowhere fast


Warm water reddens her

The steam swallows her up whole

Does nothing to rouse

Sleepless Night

She can't sleep tonight

Scented cool silk sheets underneath her

It is not the same


She is a hostage

Her family owns so much rice

Child stays in her cage


Her mother's letter

"I love you. You will be home

Soon. Wait for us, love."

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