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Story Notes:

Hello one and all, its Mothra here, comin’ atcha with A BRAND NEW FIC! Woo! Isn’t that exciting?! *coughnevermindthatIhavetwoothersthatIshouldbeworkingoncough* Anyway…


I’m writing these stories purely for fun AND because I wanted more practice at writing one-shot fics (usually I get super carried away, and even my stories that are supposed to be short end up being ridiculously long). And I figured hell yeah Free! Let’s write some swimmer boy one shots! WOO The inspiration for each chapter comes from a list of one sentence writing prompts I saw on a roleplay blog I follow. I really liked some of the prompts in question, so decided to write out little scenarios based on them. I’m quite enjoying writing them! :D


Please note that I am not sure how often this will be updated, but there will be more chapters, I promise! And sorry if I make the characters a little OOC, I’m trying my best to keep them their lovable, dorky selves, but sometimes people change in the face of love! *Author strikes a dramatic pose with lighting in the background*Also, the stories may not all necessarily be romance, but also some cute friendship-y ones as well. :D


Just one more thing! I also plan on writing at least one chapter for ALL the boys, so it won’t just be the Iwatobi gang!

Author's Chapter Notes:

So, without further ado, the first chapter is Haru’s! I wrote it when I was super stressed out about things, which you can probably tell as you read it. :P Anyway, I really hope you like it, and tell me what you think! Thank you so much for reading!!! :D



Your hand shook nervously as you tightly gripped your phone, pressing it uncomfortably hard against your ear. Your breath hitched as it started to ring, the space in between each tone seeming to last much longer than normal. Apprehensive sweat mingled with the still wet tears on your cheeks, and you bit at your lip relentlessly as the ringing droned on.

You shouldn’t be calling him. It was far too late, he had to be sleeping, and it’d be a jerk move to wake him up after all the hard work he put into practice today… Yes, that was what your brain was telling you, yet you let the phone ring on. For you, the week had been long and wrought with hardships. One of the worst weeks you had ever had, it was a relentless nightmare, with each passing day being worse than the one before. You had been fighting against letting it get you down pretty well until tonight when you finally gave in, leaving you the panic-y, sobbing mess you were now. Right now more than ever, you needed to hear his voice. He was the only thing that could calm you down.

After several rings, your call was finally answered.

“… Hello?” Haru mumbled tiredly. You were correct; you had woken him up, and felt a jab of remorse for doing so. He sounded so very tired…

“H-Haru?” You managed to choke out, your voice coming out much smaller than you wanted it to.

“(Name),” His voice responded, sounding much more alert upon hearing you at the other end, “it’s four in the morning… Is everything OK?”

“I’m sorry for waking you up, I know I shouldn’t have called, it’s just that…,” You could keep your cool no longer, and let the tears freely fall from your eyes, your voice coming out as a quavering mess, “I just couldn’t be alone right now. I feel like everything is falling apart, and no matter what I do or how hard I try to put it all back together, things just keep getting worse and worse… I know I shouldn’t burden you with this, and I apologize… It’s just I really needed to hear your voice.”

The other end was quiet for a bit, and you started to feel nervous. Was he upset that you called so late? Was he mad at you? You went to apologize for your emotional outburst, when he spoke first.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll be over.” He stated levelly, his response throwing you for a loop.

“Wha- No, Haru please,” you responded hurriedly, “That isn’t necessary, I just wanted to talk-“

“I’ll see you soon.” He cut you off, his voice maintaining its calm edge.

“Haru, it’s super late, really-“

But before you could finish, the line went dead.

So, you quickly made an attempt at assembling yourself by throwing on some fresh clothing, wiping off your face (though that did little to help your poofy red eyes and runny nose), and made your way quietly downstairs to await Haru’s arrival.

In seemingly no time at all, a soft knock came from the door.

You quickly pulled it open, revealing a disheveled looking Haru (much like you, it seems he quickly threw himself together before heading over) with two large shopping bags hanging from his hands. When your eyes fell on his face, you noted his cheeks were tinted pink, and his chest was heaving, as if he really booked it to get to you. That thought caused a small blush to begin to creep on your face.

“May I come in?” he asked, and you could tell he was struggling to try and sound not-so-out of breath.

“Please,” you responded, scooting out of the way while holding the door for him, “You know… you really didn’t have to come over.”

“I wanted to,” he stated plainly, causing the blush to deepen.

Once he had made his way inside and taken off his shoes, he held up one of the bags he was carrying to you.

“I brought over some movies and snacks,” he said, while you took the bag from his hands, “I wanted to cook some mackerel for us, but since I was in a hurry, I settled for mackerel flavored snacks instead.”

You gave the boy a lopsided grin as you looked through the bag a bit, your eyes coming across such delicacies as mackerel crackers, mackerel chips, mackerel bread, and even some weird (and rather disgusting) looking sea food flavored candies. “Thank you, Haru,” you spoke, “That was very kind of you… What movies did you bring?”

This time he held out the other bag, which you gently took from his grasp. You weren’t surprised to find that every movie he brought had to do with water/water activities in some way or another. Typical Haru.

“What a selection… Which one do you recommend?” You softly smiled, your sad demeanor starting to slowly melt away.

He looked your way, his brilliant blue eyes holding your gaze, “The animated one with the shark on the cover.  Makoto, Rin and I used to watch it all the time as kids. It was one of our favorites.”

It wasn’t often that you got to hear Haru reminisce about that past, though you were always happy when he would. He seemed so content talking about his childhood, even the rough parts.

“It must be a good one, then. We’ll watch that.” You responded with a small smile.

You and Haru proceeded to make your way back up stairs and into your room, where he set to work getting the snacks ready to eat and the bed ready to sit on, as you got the movie up and running. Once everything was in place, you turned off the lights, and climbed up next to the boy.

The movie was only about 15 minutes in, and you were already feeling loads better. Haru always seemed to have a way soothing you. No matter how bad, sad, scared, or just generally crappy you felt, being with him made all the negativity melt away. He just had something about him that made all your worries fly out the door. Even right now, just being by his side, not sharing any words, calmed you down immensely. No one in the world made you feel like Haru did, and to you, he was irreplaceable.


His voice broke you away from the movie, and as you turned to look at him, you were surprised to see the look on his face. An intense mixture of concern and seriousness held firm on his face, and as you continued to look at him, you noticed that he had set the snacks dividing the two of you aside, and had leaned closer to you, quickly closing the gap that separated you. A blush lighted your cheeks, and your heart started to thump wildly in your chest. You had never seen Haru like this before…

“What is it, Haru?” You asked, a nervous excitement making your voice come out in little more than a whisper.

He continued his intense stare for a moment, his gaze refusing to waver, before with a small sigh he spoke.

“…I know a lot of things have been weighing you down recently, but I want you to know that you deserve to be happy. And if I can be the one who brings you that happiness, I am glad to do it, no matter what time it is. So please… Don’t hesitate to call me, and don’t feel guilty for calling me. I… don’t want to ever see you hurting. And I’ll do my best to keep you from hurting, I promise.” He finished his words with a small, beautiful smile. A rare treat not many people get to see (let alone have directed at them) that showed you that he meant it.

Unable to control yourself, you flung your arms tightly around him. Burying your face in the crook of his neck, you let your tears run freely as pressed your sob wracked body as tightly as you could to his. Your heart flooded with joy as you felt him reciprocate the hug, his enveloping arms pulling you even tighter into him.

“Thank you, Haru,” you managed to say after you let yourself calm down a bit, “Thank you so much. You always know just the right thing to say… You make me happy Haru, you make me so, so happy.”

After those words, he carefully tugged you down into the bed with him, turning the TV off in the process. The two of you repositioned yourself until you were comfortable, and once you had found the perfect arrangement, you settled in to sleep.

“Good night, (Name),” he whispered, giving you a small, sleepy kiss on the forehead.

“Good… night… Haru…” You tiredly responded as you nestled deeper into his embrace, “Sleep tight.”


Chapter End Notes:

I dunno man, I’m all about the lovey Haru. That cute little shit.

Anyway, I hope you all liked it! I plan on more chapters with the other boys later! Thank you so much for reading my little derp of a story!!! :D

Next up is a Nagisa chapter! Stay tuned! :D

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