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A little misunderstanding can go a long way.

[Apollo Justice x Reader]

Happy Birthday, Chye!

Rated: K
Categories: Ace Attorney Characters: Apollo Justice
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Drama, Reader-insert, Romance, WAFF
Story Type: Non-smut, One-Shot, Reader-Insert
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Published: 10/04/14 Updated: 10/04/14
Story Notes:

This is my birthday present for RhyeSammich, since I can't very well travel across the world and somehow stumble upon her house, and give her a real present (unfortunately). Also, I apologise for the stupid title.

Rhye, this is probably amateurish and I doubt that it, in any way, lives up to your expectations, but I hope that it's at least mildly entertaining! I wish it could have been a surprise, but I really wanted to write something you would like, so I just had to ask. Also, my apologies if Apollo is OOC. Moody Apollo is surprisingly hard.

Happy Birthday, Rhye! I hope you have the best one ever, 'cause you deserve it. ^_^

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