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Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't like the summary, but the story does take place on a cliff so I guessed it would do. I was having a bad night since I couldn't sleep so I wrote this. Enjoy!

Warning: there are mentions of suicide in here!

A tall man ran across a cobblestone path and passed various buildings in pursuit of a fleeting figure. He came to a crossroads and looked around. His forest green eyes were wide and wild, searching for some remnant of the person. A giggle floated through the air and he caught a glimpse of the navy blue gown through a narrow passageway. The unidentified male wasted no time in chasing after the being that had bewitched him.

He followed the barely visible person in the dark of night to the edge of a cliff that was less than a mile from the small town they were from. The full moon illuminated the sky and ground with its light. The man admired the woman, who was kneeling at the cliffs edge and peering down at whatever had peaked her interest. He approached her, green grass crinkled under his weight.

"My love," he called out in a tone barely above a whisper. With the sound of the wild waves crashing against the cliff side he considered the possibility that she didn't even hear him.

She did, in fact, hear him. She turned and looked at him with wide and innocent blue eyes. Her mouth had taken on the shape of an o. The long, deep brown hair he loved so much tossed and turned in the wind. The moonlight added to her ethereal appearance. He was left breathless. He thought she looked more gorgeous in that moment than ever, not that she wasn't pretty before. The woman's kissable lips soon morphed into a mischievous smile. She stood from her position and held out a hand to him, beckoning him closer.

"Dance with me," she commanded in a light, but firm voice.

"There is no music." She did not respond, but continued to hold out her hand, inviting him to join her. The gentleman smiled and accepted her offer without another word. One of his large hands grasped hers as the other settled on her waist. They waltzed beneath the silvery moonlight. He was so content that he closed his eyes and let the feeling overtake him.

With his eyes closed he couldn't see how close they had gotten to the edge. He only opened his eyes when his foot nearly slipped off the edge. He moved from it and gripped her waist tighter, pulling her closer to him.

"The cliff, my beloved, is too close. We nearly tumbled off its edge." She looked up at him with curious eyes and moved from his hold.

"Let's jump from the edge," she exclaimed. His confusion flooded his features.

"That would kill us. Let's go back." She stubbornly declined his request.

"With or without you I am jumping." Her footsteps carried her closer to the precipice. With each step came another crack in his love-filled heart. He couldn't bear to lose his love. He knew it wasn't a smart decision, but he joined her and grabbed her soft, small hand in his. Her smile spoke more than words could.

The edge crept closer with each new step and his nerves increased at the thought of their demise. His palms became sweaty and his heartbeat thudded so strongly that it hurt. The sound of the beat flooded his ears along with the crashing waves. The man looked down and tried to move back a step, but his love wouldn't let him. The wind whipped around his short, brown hair and tugged at their clothing. It only took one second, one step, to send them careening off the precipice.

Though the cliff was high, their fall was quick. Gravity pushed them towards the rocks and fierce waves. The man shut his eyes as they descended and they remained closed as they entered the sea foam. Their hands became detached which caused the male to open his eyes in the salt water and look around in fear. He couldn't catch a glimpse of her in the darkness. He swam to the top and was pushed along with the waves.

His love, the light of his life, was laying on a rock nearby. She hadn't missed them. He screamed out in anguish and despair as he was pushed and slammed into the rocky cliff side. Everything ended.

A scream echoed through a house. A housewife hurried to the bedroom where her husband was sleeping. She shook him awake, calling his name. The man awoke and looked at her with fearful eyes. Before she could ask any questions his arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. He was sweaty and breathing heavily. She didn't hesitate in returning the hug.

He kissed her temple and stroked her hair. She rubbed his back and whispered comforting words in an effort to soothe away the remnants of the nightmare.

"It was only a bad dream love," she said. In time he calmed down and pulled away to look at her. His hands cupped her face and his thumbs brushed her cheeks.

"Don't leave me," he begged in a hoarse voice. She smiled at him.

"I'm not going anywhere."    

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