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China House

Beautiful House:

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. Everyone can see its beauty from the community gates down the smooth road. From the outside, China House looked like a floating castle on its unkempt hill. The three-story building towered over all of the houses surrounding it, putting them to shame. It is said that it is the oldest house in Orange Drive. China House's appearance looked old-fashioned compared to the more modern houses surrounding it. The residents hold it up in all of its pride and glory. Looking at the property, it isn't hard to understand why. On the outside, the house looked so elegant. The pearl white paint reflected in the dim sunlight. The color was so strong that it could even be seen in the darkest of nights. Its curved roof added an Asian flare to it. China House's porch seemed inviting complete with rocking chairs. The willow trees were a nice touch to its class. A swing hung from the biggest one in the yard. In the backyard, there was a dirt path that led straight into the woods and swamp. To the left of said path was a big white gazebo. Through its beauty, the house was barely cared for. Despite the overgrown lawn, everyone loved how it looked so charming.

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. This house became a popular tourist attraction over the years. The neighbors couldn't remember a time when the trolley didn't pass through their streets just to see China House. Sometimes, they would ride the tour bus and add little details about the house's history. The people and guide always wanted to hear more from them. However, the residents only revealed the glamorous parts about China House. Their smiles hid a frightening truth about the old property. Despite their best attempts to hide it, everyone in New Orleans already heard the rumors.

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. How did this beautiful house come to be? The living residents in Orange Drive have hazy memories about such a building. The elderly still clinging to life can't answer the questions buzzing around the house. Either they couldn't remember or repressed the memory out of fear of the truth. No one even remembered who first lived in the many building on the hill at the end of the street. Many rumors about China House's origins came up almost every day. The most popular one was about the house being made after striking a deal with the devil. Some believed that the house was built off of the dead bodies of slaves. A few thought that hookers and other "sinners" were buried in the walls of the house. The non-believers in Orange Drive were quick to dismiss these rumors as "silly ghost stories". Either way, the house has changed many hands over the centuries.

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. It hides in a clock of darkness. None dare to go inside. The neighbors tried to fix it up, but the projects never get finished. The yard really needed to mowed and weeded. The walls needed a new coat of paint. It windows needed new glass to replace all of the cracks in it. Residents hated to see such a beauty go to waste, but circumstances around it had to leave it as such. Every year, the beauty of China House slowly crumbled further into waste. The residents decided to just stand back and watch as such a majestic house drew its last breath. The workers that have attempted to restore China House have reported strange things happening around the property. Some heard children laughing around the yard basement. One saw a woman in the swing at first before he saw her again, this time hanging from a noose. Another even said they saw a bloodied man straggling over to the door, gasping for help only to disappear the next minutes. Because of all of these stories, locals would not even dare to set foot near China House But, what made everyone so afraid of such a dying house?

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. It's been the ruin of many a poor soul. The real estate agents jokingly called it the Hope Diamond of houses. Every year, the price drops for the house. There are bets among the neighbors of low it will go each time. The agents couldn't even get many people to come out and look at the house anymore. The rumors had even spread to the outsiders. Because of that, everyone now believes that China House is haunted. That is where they would be right. Countless number of deaths have taken place in the house since the 1800's. Five of them strongly stuck out in the minds of the people in New Orleans. Some say that the house was cursed by slaves who practiced voodoo in revenge of their master's ill treatment. Others, believe that a jolted lover had an affair with a witch doctor and seduced him into a twisted game to drive her ex and his lover into madness. A number suggest that a mad door buried aborted babies in the wall of his secret clinic in the basement. Whatever the stories, those who moved into the house ended up dead or missing.

There is a house in New Orleans they call the China House. Even little kids won't go near the house. The residents do their best to chase away thrill seekers looking for a good scare. Parents in Orange Drive constantly warn their children not to go near China House. Everyone closes their blinds when the real estate agents bring in potential buyers into Orange Drive to see China House. The elderly praise that the house never gets sold. Today will be no different. The persistent agent is back again. This time, it's young couple expecting a baby.

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