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Story Notes:

Today was my aunt's funeral. I thought long and hard about a lot of things...

Emily was a sweet girl.

A girl no one could hate.

But she had a problem:

She liked to wait.

And wait

And wait…

Because of that, she was always late.


In retrospect, I can see why.

That girl was always helping people.

It’s not her fault she lost track of time.


Yet we taunted her.

“Emily takes years to shower!”

And still, we teased.

“Emily, get to the party first? Ha! That laugh was great!”


No one thought about how mean

How cruel, our words could be.


Well Emily, you proved us wrong.

Made us wish we had bit our tongue.


Yes, Emily, you’re finally not late.

This time you didn’t procrastinate.

How we wish you did.

No one said it was ok for you to die, kid…

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading.

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