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Devil’s Scandal



I don’t really know what went wrong with my life. I used to have it all. I came from a rich and powerful family. The Hirata clan was the most powerful family in Tokyo. They owned all things beautiful. For generations, they were art dealers. Hirata’s art dealership was the best in the country. My grandfather proudly told me the rags to riches story over and over during my childhood. Apparently, my family started out poor, but we built ourselves up to the top where we are today. (Okay, there might be some myths hiding there, but I didn’t care at the time. I was just proud of my family as much as my grandfather was.) I was to be the heir to that mighty dynasty. That wasn’t all that I had going for me. I had always grown up as a social butterfly. I had many friends throughout my school days. Many tried to get my phone number. None of them could ever get close to me. All except for one. I’ll talk about him later.

My family is a close-knit unit. We are one of those happy families that everyone dreams to be. I grew up an only child. My parents had four miscarriages before I was born. Because they were so happy that I lived to be born, they only wanted nothing but the best for me. They believed I was just that special. My parents were more than happy to give me the best of everything. I happily accepted that. I grew up a good child anyway. My parents always knew where I was. I did my chores, went to school, did my homework, and kept up the family image. It wasn’t just my parents I was close to. My aunt practically showered me with gifts. My uncles and grandparents did the same and gave me money as well. I accepted it all humbly, of course. (They did teach me manners and how to be gracious, after all.)

Now, we come to that one man that stole my heart. Soho Aki was his name. I met him in my senior year of college. At first, I had no interest in that boy. But yet, he wore me down eventually. Aki just wouldn’t give up on me at all. He kept telling me that I was the one girl for him. I didn’t believe him at first; I thought that the poor fool was crazy. But, my mother pushed me to give him a chance. So I did and Aki have been dating ever since. We got engaged just this past year. Aki and I hadn’t picked out a date for the wedding yet.

Yeah, that was once my life. So, what caused it to go all to pieces around me? It was another man. Or should I say vampire? Yes, this man was a vampire. I remember him all too well. His name was Kaoru. He was a beautiful man, but he had a heart as cold as ice. No, it was even colder than that. He seduced me from the world I know and destroyed everything I held dear to me. Why did he do it? Who could say? Kaoru just wanted me as a possession so he decided to ruin me and my family in his quest to do so. Now, I am left with nothing. I have begged him to kill me, but he refused.

“Where’s the fun in that?” he asked. “You are no good to me dead!” I have tried to commit suicide, but Kaoru has always managed to save me at the last minute. He just won’t let me die. I am now a ruined because of him. I do not know how to recover or to escape from Kaoru. If I could, I would stop time and fix every wrong committed since we first met. But now, it is too late…

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