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Summary: Mini-lessons in learning the Japanese language. I will also make 'lessons' based on your questions!

UPDATE: Will now contain lessons on culture as well. Ask away!
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Published: 12/02/14 Updated: 12/04/14
Story Notes:
This is not meant to replace a real language education. Please use this as a supplement to other material if you are serious about learning Japanese. There are many, many free resources online for learning. I am making this as practice for myself as well as to help others in their learning endeavors.

1. Pronunciation by Shiawase [Reviews - 31] Liked (498 words)
Well, this is my first try at this. Let me know if it's understandable or not.

Also, if any of you other Japanese learners out there want questions answered, or would like a lesson catered to what you feel you'd like to learn, leave it in a review and I will do my best to help you understand better :D

2. Greetings by Shiawase [Reviews - 4] (602 words)
darkmaster07 brought up the idea of also covering Japanese culture. I'd love to include that in here as well. Those 'chapters' will be posed as questions, that way it'll be easy to tell them apart from the language 'chapters'.

Once again, if there's anything specific you want to know about, either language or culture, leave it in a review and I will be happy to explain :D

3. What Are Uchi and Soto? by Shiawase [Reviews - 2] Liked (526 words)
Wow, this was harder to write than I thought >< It's hard to put this stuff into words. Anyway, obviously what I've written isn't all there is to this concept, but I'm trying to keep each chapter to around 500 words. So there you go.

Let me know what you think ^^