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Author's Chapter Notes:
An anime I loved in the past and rediscovered!

"When do you expect her to experience the first slumber?"

Diva settled back in her white chair as she titled her head up to welcome the warmth of the sun's summer rays. At her side, a tall but broad black haired man, named Amshel watched the two figures playing in the gardens before them.

Another man, significantly younger than himself, yet no older than the age of twenty three moved skillfully with practiced grace from the clumsy hands desperate to catch the crisp whiteness of his shirt. Those small hands belonged to that of a child.

The laughter of a three year old created a relaxed setting there in the estate's garden. For most of the morning, after a short break following breakfast, she had been engaging the young man in a game as simple as tag. A game that she was losing quite noticeably so without any sympathy from her partner.

He continued to dance around her with ease, his blonde hair whisking in the wind. His chuckles helping support the light atmosphere.

"I would assume at the same age I did. We are one in the same after all."

Amshel hummed to himself as he mulled over his words, "And then your plans-" His eyes widen by a practice when the child suddenly lost her footing. The yard she played upon was nothing but grass assuring them all that she would not receive any injures from the fall. As expected though, her childish nature won out despite the facts and fresh tears pooled in her eyes.

The blonde man approached her with concern and kneeled at her side. The girl's cries waned at the sight of his outstretched hand and she hesitantly took it into her own. With a gentle tug she came forward into his chest and his arms caged her close.

There was a snort from Amshel as he continued to watched from a distance. The child's 'mother' had yet to have moved an inch," Do you not worry that he will shelter her too much? "

The woman brought her hand to her mouth to hide her smile," She's a child, Amshel. She needs someone to trust, he is only doing what was asked of him."

As quickly as she child hit the ground, she was back on her feet and resuming their game as if it had never paused. This time instead the roles had changed, and she was now the target. Her legs ran all they could, and it was obvious that her pursuer was gracing her with an advantage this time.

"As for the future..."

Amshel turned his attention back to Diva as she rose from her seat, offering her a gentleman's hand in assistance.

"For now we will just watch."

It was obvious that was not the answer he was hoping to hear, and his lips turned down at her words. In response, Diva merely tightened her grip on his hand before letting it go and turning to the garden.

"Alright, it is time to come inside now."

Just like that the game ended, and the man and child obediently came closer. The younger of the two breaking ahead and ran for Diva with her arms wide.


Diva smiled as the short limbs came around her thigh. It bunched the material of her dress and would likely lead to wrinkles but she made no move to neither reprimand the child nor pull away. Instead her hand came down to her head and she stroked the smooth strands of silky hair.


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