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Author's Chapter Notes:
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
What better way to celebrate your favourite Naruto characters’ birthdays than to write them a little something? That’s how I see it! ♥


In addition to writing for characters, I’ve always wanted to take requests for some reason, and this collection gives me the perfect opportunity! Place your request now (even if your birthday isn’t for another seven months) if you’re interested in a birthdayfic especially designed for you (or a friend, or even an OC, I don’t really mind), I would love to write you a one-shot thingy for this booklet of wonderful birthday-ness!

I will take requests through e-mail or review; send ‘em to me at chloryphyll[at]gmail[dot]com or use the contact author form. (Of course, replace the words in the square brackets with their respective symbols.)

Shoot me an email/review with the following form if you’re interested:

Username: (If unregistered, penname or leave blank)

Name: (Real/Nickname, can leave blank if you wish the story to use the generic reader-insert [Name].)

“You-ness” Level: (do you want me to use your actual name/nickname in the story, or leave it as [Name]?)

Age: (The age you want the reader to be, doesn’t necessarily have to be your own)

Birthday: (month/day should suffice)

Pairing: (romantic/friendship/platonic/harem and character(s) you want to be paired with. Mention, if you'd like, if the character is your boyfriend/crush/love interest/archenemy.)


Storyline/Prompt/Tone: (Anything you want incorporated, the general plot, etc)

Characters: (other characters you want included, and the roles they play)

Your Personality: (the more info you give me, the more personalized the story is)

A little bit more about you: (likes, dislikes, hobbies ,dreams for the future...)

Anything else: (favourite cake flavour, catchphrases and adjectives you use, etc)

*Note: I cannot do lemons.

The Birthday Calendar

The following is the list of characters I plan to write. If you sent me a request, you can check here to see if I’ve added you.

Keep in mind that this is just a suggested list, and that I might not get to some characters if RL stuff gets in the way. I will do requested one-shots though, just a warning that if I'm busy, it may be slightly late. I'll try my best to get them in on time, but you never know...stuff might come up, and I apologize in advance.

Requests are in bold.

Finished oneshots are in italics.

Posted oneshots are underlined.

October 1st: Juugo

October 4th: Hailey x Kiba

October 10th: Naruto

October 18th: Asuma

October 21st: Mizuki

October 23rd: Hashirama

October 24th: Anko

October 27th: Orochimaru

November 2nd: Hayate

November 3rd: Yugao

November 8th: Sasori

November 11th: Jiraiya

November 15th: Rin

November 18th: Shizune

November 25th: Sai

November 25th: Izumo

November 27th: Lee

December 8th: Jessi x Rock Lee

December 16th: Kidomaru

December 24th: Madara

December 25th: Inari

December 27th: Hinata

December 30th: Konohamaru

January 1st: Gai

January 6th: Danzo

January 6th: CeresMaria x Gai

January 8th: Hiashi

January 8th: Hizashi

January 9th: Haku

January 19th: Gaara

February: Debbie x Naruto

January 23rd: Shino

January 24th: Inoichi

January 25th: Minato

February 8th: Hiruzen

February 10th: Izuna

February 10th: Obito

February 14th: Ayame

February 15th: Tayuya

February 18th: Sugetsu

February 19th: Tobirama

February 20th: Konan

February 20th: Yahiko

February 25th: Sydney x Deidara

February 24th: Yoshino

February 29th: Kabuto

March 8th: Ebisu

March 9th: Tenten

March 18th: Kisame

March 20th: Ibiki

March 27th: Hanabi

March 28th: Sakura

March 29: the 4th Kazekage

April 2nd: Hidan

April 3rd: Udon

April 5th: Tazuna

April 13th: Hana

April 22nd: Chouza

May 1st: Chouji

May 4th: Tsunami

May 4th: Heidi x Sasuke

May 5th: Deidara

May 15th: Kankuro

May 16th: Matsuri

May 23rd: Yashamaru

May 26: Iruka

June 1st: Mikoto

June 6th: Gozu

June 6th: Meizu

June 8th: Moegi

June 9th: Itachi

June 11th: Kurenai

June 12th: Dosu

June 15th: Kimimaro

June 20th: Sakon

June 20th: Ukon

June 20th: Karin

June 26th: Jirobo

July 3rd: Neji

July 4th: Baki

July 6th: Kin

July 7th: Kiba

July 10th: Kushina

July 15th: Shikaku

July 17th: Genma

July 21st: Kotetsu

July 23rd: Sasuke

July 24th: Yugito

July 27th: Gen’yumaru

August 2nd: Tsunade

August 9th: Nawaki

August 10th: Teuchi

August 11th: Yamato

August 12th: Tsume

August 15th: Kakazu

August 15th: Zabuza

August 16th: Fugaku

August 21st: Kaiza

August 22nd: Danielle x Kakashi

August 23rd: Temari

August 28th: Raido

September 3rd: Aoba

September 6th: Shin

September 7th: Shibi

September 14th: Zaku

September 15th: Kakashi

September 18th: Becky x Naruto

September 19th: Nagato

September 22nd: Shikamaru

September 23rd: Ino

October 19th: Nica x Sai

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