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Summary: You’re listening to one of you’re all time favorites “I Need A Man” by Eurythmics, and decide to bully a certain detective while you’re at it.

Rated: K+
Categories: Death Note Characters: L, Light Yagami, Touta Matsuda
Genres: Comedy, Reader-insert, Romance
Story Type: Ficlet, Reader-Insert
Warnings: Crude Humor, Name Blanks
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Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 332 Read: 1655
Published: 10/24/13 Updated: 10/24/13
Story Notes:
I do not own Death Note or make any money from this fiction.

1. "I Need A Man"! by Byakko-chan [Reviews - 11] Liked (332 words)
Is L really man enough? We’ll see… "I Need a Man" by Eurythmics I don't own