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To me, they're easy

Not because they're easy to do.
Oh God no!
Fuckin hardest things ever!
But I love doing them
because in doing them, I can avoid being me...

I can be the flirtatious Babette
I can be the not trusting, bitchy Andrea
I can be the ever watching & caring Fairy godmother
I can be past-here-breaking-point Agnes James.
I don't have to be me
This hollow shell of a person who acts like she's supposed to.

Am I allowed to be mean?
To rebel?
To live?

Can I stand people not liking me?

Can I ever just do something bad?!

Absolutely not!
How will that reflect on my mother?
And how my room looks, will that reflect well on my grandmother?

Oh dear, I seem to be a disappointment...

But, you know what?
I really don't care.

I'm starting to like Agnes more.
And Babette has been roaring to come out for a long time...

I think Alejandra needs to die.
I'll take a new name.
A new life.

But, whatever I decide, Alejandra needs to die.

Chapter End Notes:

Again, please forgive it for being crappy. This was also written a year ago...

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