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Story Notes:
The challenge was to take ten words from this article and write ten chapters, one for each word. Here is my submission.
Author's Chapter Notes:
So here’s the first chapter for the 28 Beautiful Words challenge! I already have the words I’m going to use picked out, and an Avengers bachelor assigned to each one, but I’m still formulating ideas, so please feel free to give ideas! There will be two chapters for each guy. Unfortunately, Loki will not be one of the bachelors. To make up for this, I’ll probably be writing a Loki chapter for my booklet “Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets.” So if you’re a Loki fan, please look out for that!

I feel like I should give a warning about my Marvel knowledge. It’s almost entirely restricted to the movie universe. The only American comics I read growing up were Batman and X-Men. I am doing research and trying to find a good balance between these characters in their movie and comic forms, but just know that I feel in love with them through the movies and that’s who they’ll mostly resemble. I will be doing research on their lore and histories, however.

Okay, long A/N. Without further ado…
Fernweh—a longing to travel, missing a place you’ve never been

As a senior agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. you had seen much of the world, albeit typically from the observation deck of the Helicarrier. You had seen the length of the Great Wall of China, listened to the echo of the engines in the Grand Canyon, and stood at the peak of Mount Everest without climbing a step. Despite the amazing destinations you’d already seen, you wanted more. You yearned to travel, and it didn’t matter where, but the more exotic the better.

It didn’t take long after neutralizing Loki before the traveler bug bit you again. You began to spend most of your free time on the observation deck, gazing betwixt clouds at the Earth below. That’s where you were when Thor stepped off the elevator. You heard the doors open and close, and his footsteps as he approached, but you just thought it was one of the other agents. It was rare that you were there alone, like today.

“Agent ___,” greeted Thor enthusiastically as he came to stand beside you at the railing.

At realizing who it was you perked up, a bright grin spreading across your face. “Thor! I didn’t know you were here!” you excitedly replied. Then a thought struck you and your face fell.

Thor seemed to read your mind and gave a hearty laugh. The sound reverberated through your bones and you couldn’t help but feel joy. “Rest assured my abilities are not needed. It was necessary for me to visit Midgard, and Fury convinced me to drop by for a meeting.”

You stifled a chuckle. Lately the Director had been irritated that he was being brushed off by his Avengers, so you could just imagine what that “convincing” entailed.

“I’m glad you aren’t here to fight,” you admitted, “but I’m happy to see you!”

Thor smiled. It was warm and friendly, and secretly butterflies filled your gut. You had worked closely with the Avengers and counted each one as a dear friend. You would be lying, though, if you said you didn’t hope for more between you and Thor.

“It is good to see you as well, ___,” he replied. He turned to look through the window panels, but the earth was currently blocked by clouds.

“That’s been my view most of the day,” you said as you watched the clouds twisting and churning from the Helicarrier’s turbulence. “Sometimes I think our pilots fly over cloudy places on purpose just to ruin my day.”

“You spend a fair amount of your time here,” said Thor. It wasn’t a question, he had noticed even when you knew Loki, the Tesseract, and Earth’s fate had been on his mind; you had been important enough to remember, and that brought heat to your cheeks.

“I want to see as much as possible of this world,” you confessed freely. It wasn’t a big revelation, but not many at S.H.I.E.L.D. had bothered to ask why you were there—besides the obvious Earth-saving and needing a job thing, of course. “If I could I would to go space!” You laughed slightly at yourself, hoping he wouldn’t find you silly.

A small grin cracked his face, he found your enthusiasm endearing. “Would you ever visit Asgard?”

Your head snapped to look at him, your ponytail wrapping around your neck momentarily from the motion. Your eyes were shining as you said, “Would I ever!” You then forced yourself to calm down. You knew his question was not an invitation and you didn’t want to mislead him into thinking you took it otherwise. “What’s it like? I’ve read our files on it, but it’s your home.”

“Indeed.” The look in Thor’s eyes became distant, no longer seeing the clouds he gazed out upon. It was simple to tell that he was conjuring up the images of home he held dear in his mind. “It is…a magnificent realm.” Though the words were simple, spoken in a hushed tone, the emotion behind them spoke of a place he missed and revered.

You listened as he described a world you could barely imagine: A sky brilliant with stars and nebulae, atriums and temples artfully crafted from stone and glass, plants and animals you could have never dreamed up on your own, and a strong bridge made of rainbow.

You could feel the bittersweet tugging in your gut now, the longing to see somewhere, new somewhere beautiful and not here.

As he finished describing Asgard, the look in his eyes returned and he turned to give you a crooked, sheepish grin. “My apologies, ___, I did not mean to speak at such length.”

“No!” You were quick to disagree, and for a moment your eagerness startled him. “I love hearing someone describe their home.” You smiled at him, feeling the warm glow of embarrassment. “Asgard sounds amazing. I wish I could see it.”

Thor was silent for a moment. He looked out over the clouds, deep in thought. Just as you braced yourself to inquire what was wrong, he reached over and gently took your hand in his. Startled, and with a heart racing at lightning speed, you looked up into his blue eyes. Subconsciously you noted that they were the same color as a cloudless sky.

“One day you will see it,” he said, his smile slightly timid. You weren’t accustomed to this shier side of the Thunder God, but you had to admit it was adorable. “I know you will love it, ___.”

You couldn’t restrain the grin that split your face, nor could you resist standing on the tips of your toes to place a kiss on Thor’s cheek. “I can’t wait!”

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