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Summary: Written for the “28 Beautiful Words” Challenge on Lunaesence

Reader x Avengers

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Categories: Avengers, The Characters: Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor Odinson, Tony Stark/Iron Man
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Published: 04/10/15 Updated: 05/08/15
Story Notes:
The challenge was to take ten words from this article and write ten chapters, one for each word. Here is my submission.

1. Fernweh (Thor) by Chellendora [Reviews - 5] (976 words)
So here’s the first chapter for the 28 Beautiful Words challenge! I already have the words I’m going to use picked out, and an Avengers bachelor assigned to each one, but I’m still formulating ideas, so please feel free to give ideas! There will be two chapters for each guy. Unfortunately, Loki will not be one of the bachelors. To make up for this, I’ll probably be writing a Loki chapter for my booklet “Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets.” So if you’re a Loki fan, please look out for that!

I feel like I should give a warning about my Marvel knowledge. It’s almost entirely restricted to the movie universe. The only American comics I read growing up were Batman and X-Men. I am doing research and trying to find a good balance between these characters in their movie and comic forms, but just know that I feel in love with them through the movies and that’s who they’ll mostly resemble. I will be doing research on their lore and histories, however.

Okay, long A/N. Without further ado…

2. Hygge (Bruce) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (1231 words)
Here's a Bruce chapter! It's slightly longer than Thor's, which is funny considering Thor is my bae...but I love Bruce too, he's so troubled and adorable. I just want to hug him!

I'm not used to using name blanks, I typically don't like them, but for some reason they seemed better than picking a name for everyone this time around. For pretty much all the chapters you will be a senior agent of SHIELD, though.

If you've never heard "Fly" by Einaudi, it's worth listening to. Click here!

3. Dépaysement (Steve) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (1104 words)
Y'all got lucky cause I actually finished two chapters in one day! The next chapter is Clint, and it's already started as well. I start my new job tomorrow (well, today...) and I work from 3-10 with an hour drive home so you may not see another chapter until Monday or even Tuesday. I'm in that homestretch of school now with finals and papers and portfolios being due and my personal time is diminishing before my eyes. D':

4. Jayus (Clint) by Chellendora [Reviews - 1] (952 words)
This one may not be up to par and I apologize, I’m absolutely swamped with school and work right now. Next up is Tony, and then we start all over again with Thor.

5. Tsundoku (Tony) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (647 words)
I’m not very happy with this one, but I just don’t know what to do with it so here’s hoping the second Tony chapter will be much better.
This ends the first round. Next up is Thor again. I doubt I’m going to finish this before the 30th between work and school, but I’m going to try.

6. Ubuntu (Thor) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (906 words)
I got sent home from work today because I got sick, and now that I’m home I can’t sleep, so I’m doped up on nausea medicine and writing. I’m pushing to finish this, but I’m still focused on quality too, my homies. Next up is Bruce! I’m following the same pattern, so then it’ll be Steve, Clint, and Tony again. Not to mention a bonus chapter at the end, but I’ll leave that a surprise :D

7. Mamihlapinatapai (Bruce) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (1031 words)
This one didn’t turn out like I expected, it’s funny there’s actually very little Bruce in it…Steve is next, hopefully going up tomorrow.

8. Utepils (Steve) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (1430 words)
I hate that I wasn’t able to finish before the 30th, but it was so kind of Penguiduck to include me in the announcements anyway! I’m still pushing to finish this but I also still have a portfolio to finish. Luckily, this chapter and one more is ready to go. I actually like these two chapters, I think they came out well. I hope you feel the same. Next up is Clint!

9. Waldeinsamkeit (Clint) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (762 words)
I’m going to go ahead and say STOP! SPOILERS! If you haven’t read Age of Ultron, the last few chapters of this story will be spoilery, especially the very last one. Don’t read past this sentence if you don’t want any spoilers at all.

In the movie we learn that Clint has a wife and family in a nice country home somewhere safe. For the purpose of this story, YOU are that wife.
Next up is Tony, and then we have the bonus chapter. Enjoy!

10. Meraki (Tony) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (918 words)
I mentioned this in the notes for the last chapter but just in case y’all didn’t read that one: THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS AGE OF ULTRON SPOILERS.

This chapter officially completes the “28 Beautiful Words” challenge! But like I’ve said previously, there’s going to be a bonus chapter. It isn’t written yet but I’ve got an idea for it. It’s going to be a friendship pairing, hurt/comfort. And you can probably guess with who but I’m keeping it a secret a little longer, lol.

11. Laotong (Natasha) by Chellendora [Reviews - 0] (532 words)
So here it is, the last chapter. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever completed a story, “15 Moments” being the only other one to even come close.

I guess you all probably assumed the bonus would be Natasha, and I really wanted this chapter to be a lot better than it is, but this was the best I could manage. Everyone needs that one friend where they can be their weakest self for a moment, right?