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Story Notes:
i don't own the legend of zelda obviously
Author's Chapter Notes:
dude honestly i really need to get back into writing this is sooo old. also this is posted up on lunaescence under the pen name ylisse and i'll probably be posting it on quotev soon so if u see it anywhere other than those three sites its probably Not me and itd be nice if you told me so!

this is #2 on the list and its mostly friendship but there'll be romance later on i think

feedback is greatly appreciated:O
"Trust me; this'll definitely work!" You did your best to assure the male behind you while working your way around the cauldron that was sitting before you on a small fire. Conscious of his wary gaze on your back, you turned and sent him a confident smile, shooting him a thumbs up. A sigh was your answer, causing a minuscule laugh to escape your throat.

He watched with alert eyes before a quiet retort left his lips, flinching as you poured something that made the container hiss loudly. “You’re not exactly a grade-a witch, y’know.” You snorted in response.

“Do you want free potions or not?” Shooting him a pointed glare over your back, you smirked and humphed triumphantly as he averted his gaze to the floor. “That's what I thought.” You heard him mumble something under his breath, but paid no heed to it. After all, you never were someone that paid the most attention, which was probably why you didn't really understand the reason for which the green-clad blonde had tackled you onto the floor. "H-hey! what the he-" you argument was cut short as a loud explosion erupted from your brew, causing you to groan loudly. "Man, it was going so well too!" Link was the one glaring at you this time.
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