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Summary: Your adventures with him are full of adrenaline-pumping, pulse-racing encounters, but it's the small, quiet moments with him that you've always cherished most.

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a response to nemure's '150 words and phrase themes' challenge on Lunaescence!
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Published: 05/04/15 Updated: 05/12/16
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i don't own the legend of zelda obviously

1. reluctance by megaman [Reviews - 1] Liked (217 words)
dude honestly i really need to get back into writing this is sooo old. also this is posted up on lunaescence under the pen name ylisse and i'll probably be posting it on quotev soon so if u see it anywhere other than those three sites its probably Not me and itd be nice if you told me so!

this is #2 on the list and its mostly friendship but there'll be romance later on i think

feedback is greatly appreciated:O

2. affection by megaman [Reviews - 2] Liked (182 words)
this is #142 on the list

feedback is appreciated!!:OO

3. home by megaman [Reviews - 2] Liked (187 words)
@tree_of_life thanks for reviewing I am low key in love with u now

also sorry idk what # this is on the list and I'm way too lazy to check it

sorry this is so late damn I don't own tloz

4. meeting by megaman [Reviews - 1] Liked (813 words)
dude I literally considered starting another story today before I updated this shit like honestly I hate myself im like that guy from jimmy neutron that can never finish anything I might as well just shave my head and have everyone call me professor calamitous also it's 1am and I literally feel like I'm dying so I don't know what I wrote lol sorry for any errors like I said it's 1 and I typed this on my phone I'll check it tmw

5. told you by megaman [Reviews - 2] Liked (224 words)
HI... ITS BEEN SO LONG AND I HAVE NO EXCUSE BC THIS CH. HAS BEEN WRITTEN FOR LIKE... MONTHS IM SORRY also this is continued from meeting aka... The chapter b4 this one

6. fondness by megaman [Reviews - 1] Liked (248 words)
do u ever start writing something and u just. Cant for the love of god figure out how to finish it so it just sits in ur google docs for months at a time until one day youre just like "hey i should finish that thing" but u dont and u just decide "fuck it this is a good enough ending. ill post it anyways" because thats literally what happened w/ this lmao i am So sorry

7. desire by megaman [Reviews - 1] Liked (127 words)
i actually really like this ???