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Author's Chapter Notes:

[Reader x Mikasa]

I don't own you or Attack on Titan. First fic where the reader is with a girly, ayyyy~
“Eskimo…kiss?” The dark haired female glanced at you curiously, her expressionless demeanor only changing slightly to reveal curiosity.

“Yeah, an Eskimo kiss,” you replied cheekily. “It’s not exactly a…real kiss, since it doesn't involve lips touching, but…” You saw Mikasa’s dejected face and you immediately felt a wave of guilt wash over you. Disappointment – among other things – rarely showed on her face, and the only way you could tell when she wasn’t perfectly fine was when you caught the micro-expressions on her face that she simply couldn’t help. Her eyes would lower for a second and her lips would tighten barely before reverting to her previous expression whenever she felt a pang of sadness, disappointment, and sometimes even loneliness. You would do anything and everything in your power to make her happy, so you hated seeing her like that, even for a short second. “It’s really cute though, I-I promise!”

A curt nod was her response. You figured you should hurry and show her what it was, since the intervals between her blinks had shortened. She was eager.

“Alright. C’mere.” She walked towards you, her eyes a bit wider than usual, some of her face still buried by her scarf. You thought it was incredibly cute. Grinning widely, you looked up at her. She towered over you by a few inches but not painfully so that any contact with her was awkward. You leaned forward as her face tilted downward to allow the access you wanted and rubbed your nose softly against hers. “See? That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

Mikasa angled her face away from yours. “Not at all…”

You smiled. “We’ll get to the real kissing soon, don’t worry.”

She blinked a few times at you before turning her gaze elsewhere once again. “…Real kissing?”

Chapter End Notes:
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