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Author's Chapter Notes:
So like I'm sad or something. I have some pre-written chapters, but we'll start with this. There is no specific pairing.

Title is subject to change. I don't own you, the things you do, or your body. Simply the words I write and the words you read on this screen. Enjoy.

Something moved.

What was it? You sat up, sweat soaking your forehead. The floor creaking? A tree brushing against your window? The sound of your own heart? You grabbed the gun on the night stand and aimed blindly, your finger resting heavily on the trigger. What was that sound?

With your throbbing heart in your throat, you stepped quietly out of bed, your night clothes hanging loosely from your body. Living in a large house alone was so not a good idea. But after countless times of your father begging you to, you had to give in. It was a given that lying about you having a lover was also not a good idea but keeping it a secret until now was even worse. You shouldn’t have been relieved when he didn’t want to meet your ‘partner.’ You should’ve been panicked! Why didn’t you tell him right then that you didn’t have any friends or that you weren’t in a serious relationship?! God, you regretted it so hard right now. What if there was a burglar in the house? A murderer? Both?

You decided it was safer to keep all the lights off just in case your stalker detected your presence, so you quietly turned the knob to your room and stepped outside. There didn’t seem to be anything out of place so far, but…just to be sure you kept your gun close to you and also away from your body in order to injure and possibly kill anyone who was trying to take your life. They could have whatever was in the house, hell they could have the house itself; but you weren’t about to allow them to steal your soul. You only had one.


“Shit,” you muttered rather loudly and nearly pulled the trigger of your loaded gun.

Oh. That was the sound of your own footsteps against the hard wood floor. You almost face palmed but decided against it in case the unknown soul lurking around your house decided to use it to their advantage.

You peered around a corner, relief washing over you when you found no doors were opened and no one was lounging in the hallway. A few more steps until you’d be downstairs, and your quest would be complete. And you’d be able to sleep again. With your feet ghosting against the ground, you practically floated over the stairs. With your feet adorned with socks, it would be a lot easier to creep around without a sound. You gulped as you reached the final step, your eyes flickering around the living room. Nothing was amiss. Thank God.

You lowered your guard and stumbled into the kitchen, turning on the light without a second thought.

A figure. From the corner of your eye, you could see.

In your kitchen. The trigger clicked in your ears, and you shot the poor, unfortunate soul who decided to break in. Your heart beat pounded mercilessly in your chest, and it was at that moment you realized that your efforts were in vain.


Chapter End Notes:
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