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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters! Nor do I own you, either. *laughs*
Author's Chapter Notes:
This was actually a prompt for the 101 Themes Challenge on Quizilla. I've got a few other Resident Evil ones I can upload that were prompts for the challenge. And the title was inspired by a small tune from Capcom's Okamiden with the same title.
He had sacrificed himself for the BSAA, and most of all; to save you and Chris.

He had stayed behind while both you and Chris escaped. You were heartbroken, but knew that he had done what needed to be done.

Even with his mutation, you still pulled him into a small embrace before you willing stepped into the pod after he had pushed Redfield inside.

He still cared about you, which gave you the strength to let him go forever.

As soon as you and Chris made it to the surface, Chris had given you Piers’ BSAA patch. It was something that possessed both sorrow, and hope.

Still, it gave you the strength to keep fighting this war along with Chris.
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