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Author's Chapter Notes:
I hope you guys enjoy this! I was listening to Anywhere by Evanescence and this idea popped into my head, not sure how long it will be.

Disclaimer lyrics belong to Evanescence, everthing else is mine!
The dawn broke through the skies, illuminating the Kingdom of Skryvia with its morning glow. The palace was already abuzz with life, as servants scurried along preparing for the day.

The royal family was still sound asleep, but would soon be awake within the hour. You had already left your quarters and stood guard outside the crown prince's room. You had changed shifts with Kelik, the guard during the night shift, right before dawn broke.

You shifted from one foot to the other and quietly stretched your black dotted white wings. You are a Tzultian, a four winged humanoid. You look just like a human, but with two large wings and two short wings protruding from your back.

Your black and gold armor lightly shifted as your wings went back in place. You looked down the hall to your right, hearing noise coming from the King and Queen's chambers. The doors opened to reveal the King himself followed by his Queen. You stood up straight, hands at your side and once he reached you, you bowed.

"Good morning, your majestys, I trust you slept well?"

"Good morning (your name). Is the Prince awake yet?" He stood in front of you.

"I'm afraid not." You looked at him.

"Well he must still be tired from yesterday's feast. Wake him soon, we have a long day ahead of us." His voice gruff.

"Yes, your majesty." You bowed once again as they left.

The day before there was a great feast and all the neighboring kingdoms were invited. The feast was held in honor of Prince Armand, he was to choose one of the daughters of the other kings and queens as a bride. He had no interest in any of them, which angered his father greatly.

Sighing lightly, you turned around and knocked on the door. You waited a moment, before knocking again. You received no answer, you opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind you.

Walking up to his large canopy bed, you smiled. "Prince Armand?" He lightly stirred. "Armand." You knelt down next his bed, you reached out a hand and ran it through his soft black hair. "My love, it's time to wake up." You whispered sweetly to him.

Armand awoke, his vision blurry as he blinked several times to get the sleep out of his eyes. His blue gaze fixated on you once his vision cleared. A large smile spread across his face. "Good morning." He yawned.

"Good morning, my love. It's time for you to get up." You kissed his forehead and stood up.

Armand quickly grabbed your wist, pulled you forward and wrapped his arms around you pulling you into bed. Your armor slightly crushed him. You lightly giggled as he showered you in kisses. Once he stopped he closed his eyes and held you in his arms, trying to fall back asleep.



"You need to wake up."


"Come on Armand someone can come in and see us."

"Let them."

"Armand!" You whispered harshly, "Get up!"

You rolled out of his bed and stood up straight. Armand stretched, then stood up from his bed and made his way to his adjoining bathroom.

You stepped out of his room, just as a servant was about to enter. "Ah. Excuse me." It was Adrielle. A short, clumsy, blonde haired woman in her early twenties.

Stepping to the side you eyed her suspiciously as she stepped in and closed the door. You didn't like her. Not one bit. She kept trying to seduce Armand any and every time she could.

Your blood boiled just thinking about the last time you found her trying to seduce Armand, when he was sick and in bed. Her only job is to fix his bed and to make sure his room is tidy. She went in at the same time as usual, except that time she had locked the door. You had gone to fetch him some more fresh water and when you returned the door was locked.

Thinking the worst you cut the door down with your sword, splitting it in half. There she was, straddling him in nothing but her underwear. Of course he was delirious and did not know what was happening. Outraged you screamed at her, struck her, grabbed her by her short hair and dragged her out of his room.

You dragged her all the way outside as she kicked and screamed. She clawed at your hands until you finally threw her down to the ground in the mud. Still clad in her underwear she stood up, wiped her tear stricken face, and ran off, some villagers and guards laughing at her as she went.

You instantly reported to your commander about the event and he reported to the King. She had been banished for 2 years, but she was back again. You didn't know how she managed to do that, all you wanted was for her to stay away from Armand. She would still inconspicuously flirt with him whenever time would allow.

You stood back at your spot in front of the door. Your heightened senses helped you hear everything that was happening in the room behind you. To the water running in the bathroom to Adrielle removing the sheets on the bed and putting clean ones on.

A few minutes passed and she came out holding the dirty laundry, not making eye contact with you she ran off. You smirked to yourself. "Now she knows her place."

You went back inside the room just in time to see Armand stepping out of his walk in closet. He was dressed in white and gold, his golden crown filled with ruby jewels sat upon his head. You beamed at Armand as your eyes met, his radiant smile making your heart flutter.

You never thought you would fall in love with a human. Their lifespan was way too short compared to that of a Tzultian. You would live up to hundreds, maybe thousands of years. The oldest Tzultian is said to have lived up to 1600 years! But a human? They could die any moment. Their body too frail, susceptible to disease and war. Anything could easily kill them.

You inwardly frowned knowing what you were doing wasn't right. You, who are of Tzultian royal blood, were in love with a human. Of course a royal human, but a human nonetheless. It wasn't unheard of humans and Tzultian marrying and mating, but there has never been a hybrid child born. It was also frowned upon for the races to mix.

Well no matter what you would find a way to lengthen Armand's years with you, you would not allow him to die.
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you think please. Also all shall be explained later. :)
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