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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters! Nor do I own you, the reader!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Another prompt I did on Quizilla for the 101 Themes Challenge. Gawd damn it, Capcom. Yew assholes killed off an amazing rookie. Bwah! Finn needs love - and slobbery dog kisses! (I promise, this is the last one until I request to be validated when things return to normal!)
You trusted Finn; even if he was the rookie.

The two of you were to keep an eye on the woman known as Ada Wong.

However, she escaped your sight.

The bars in the walkway started ascending; a gasp of fear left your throat.

“_Name_!” Finn shouted as he shoved you under the bars, causing you to slide once you hit the ground. You slid clear of the sharpened bars as they touched the ground.

Soon feeling someone grip your arm and lifted you to your feet. You soon found yourself standing with Chris and Piers. Realizing that Finn had saved you by pushing you out of the room.

He and the rest of the team were trapped inside. You soon spotted Ada on the other side of the room; protected by the bars on the other end.

“Thanks for the escort.” She mused evilly, soon pulling out a small sphere. You watched in horror as she tossed it into the room with Finn and the others. You had no idea that this ‘Ada Wong’ was actually a doppelganger; her real name was Carla Radames.

The Needle Bomb she had thrown exploded mid-air; leaving Finn and the other men in its wake. You watched in anguish as poor Finn succumb to the effects of the bomb’s contents.

You wanted to cry; yet you couldn’t break down in front of the two men next to you. You were just as furious as Chris was.

There, you watched your good friend die at the hands of another human; when you still believed that the infected were as cruel.
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