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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own The Walking Dead, nor its characters! Nor you. the reader!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Had this posted on Quizilla, thought I might bring it here. Season 4 spoilers!
You had been asleep during the walker attack inside the prison, but due to your sleepwalking habits; you always locked your cell. Still, you were awoken violently by the screams of unlucky walker victims.

You jolted awake, seeing the survivors fleeing every which-way.

“Daryl!” You called out as you stayed by the door of the cell.

No answer. You were sure he was helping the others get to safety. You were lucky that walkers weren’t smart enough to open doors.

“[Name]!” Daryl called out for you.

Your eyes widened in surprise before you stuck your hands through the door, trying to get his attention. “In here!” You responded, soon hearing the growl of a walker lunging toward your arms which were stuck out through the bars.

“Watch out!” Daryl shouted to you, prompting you to pull your arms safely back into the cell.

There was a ‘thwunk’ noise as the arrow zoomed past your cell, hitting the walker right into its forehead. The sound of the creature falling to the floor could be heard.

You then attempted to push the cell open yourself; receiving a bit of help from Dixon to. As soon as you could fit through, you slipped between the door and the frame; wrapping your arms around the redneck as you hugged him.

Hugs happened to be your “thank you” to your saviors.

“You’re welcome … I guess,” Dixon muttered softly as the last walker was killed by Glenn.

Sometimes the man wondered if you were strong enough to kill on your own when the time came. He could already see the rust plaguing the prison’s metal structures – wondering when they’d give way to let the walkers in.
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