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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters. Nor do I own you, the reader.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Another prompt I did for the 101 Themes Challenge on Quizilla.
You had heard it all.

“Wait a second, you’re telling me that you punched, and moved a boulder into lava with your shoulder?”

You asked, bewildered. Chris sat in front of you, nodding.

“Just to save Sheva Alomar, and to get over to Wesker?” You added.

Chris nodded once more, prompting Snowy to snort softly. You grinned lightly as you glanced at the woman. You believed every word, it was Chris Redfield – and those arms were indestructible.

“You really shouldn’t do drugs, Chris.” You teased.

He chuckled lightly as he pulled you into a small side-hug. You stood beside the fact that the Legendary Chris Redfield was indestructible.

You just hoped that some of it would rub off on you.
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