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"Zaraki," You said suddenly, causing him to glance over at your spot in the window.


"Why do you wear bells in your hair?"

He tilted his head a bit in your direction, smirking at the look of curiosity you weren't bothering to conceal. "It's one of the ways I try to give weaker opponents a chance in battle."

"And you decided to add bells?"

"If they're smart, they'll hear the bells and figure out where I'm about to strike from."

"Well in that case, you might as well just put a cowbell around your neck for it then." You sighed, finding his answer a bit dull.

He said nothing in response, but a few moments later you heard the loud jingle of a larger bell and you turned back startled. He was trying to affix a trychel onto his neck like some sort of gaudy necklace. His gaze towards the thing was beady-eyed and bit a confused; much like yours was incredulous and entirely shocked.

"I was joking!!"

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