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Story Notes:
Don't own Gundam Wing. Don't own it's marvelous characters. Just own the plot lines and fantasies ^_~
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hiya all. December is just around the door and therefore I thought it about time to start this beautiful Christmas oriented stories/drabbles. Every chapter will be about another character and hopefully I'll be able to come up with a few interesting stories for them all. First one up is Heero. This is for Bobo-is-tha-bomb and her prompt 'first snowfall'. Hope you like it Kimberley.

Before I forget: the idea is that the reader is something of a personal secretary to Relena and therfore goes to all those functions and meetings Relena goes to. Aka: there's always danger and threats to think off. I hope this helps in understanding the point of view ^_^
The streets were empty, most people already inside their cozy homes surrounded by their loved ones. You, however, were probably the exception. You were wandering through street after street, searching for one very stubborn man. You hoped you would find him soon for the night was cold and you were ill prepared for it; the meager coat and dress you wore offered very little protection against the cold wind that bit at your skin. You shivered as yet another burst of said wind blew past you. You cursed your own stupidity. If only you had been more careful with the words you had thrown at him …

It took you another hour to find him, an entire hour of wandering and freezing more and more with each second that passed. Your hands ached, your body shivered, and your patience was near an end. And then you finally came across him, sitting on a bench in the middle of the park.

“I’m sorry,” you stated when you saw him stiffen, the only reaction you got to alert you that he now knew you were there. “I shouldn’t have said those things.”

He sighed, his slouched form lifting as he leaned against the back of the bench. The look he gave you nearly broke your heart.

“I know it won’t fix this, but I … I’m really sorry.”

You wanted to cry, maybe even beg him for forgiveness. But even if he offered you that, you knew your words had reopened an old scar best left untouched. “Heero, please,” you finally caved and begged him.

Heero still didn’t say anything, but at least he held out his hand, an invitation you weren’t going to decline. You were at his side in an instant, but when you were about to grasp his hand, you hesitated.

“I was wrong,” you softly began, allowing your hand to return to your side. “It was wrong of me to accuse you of something like that.” But even as you spoke those words, he doubts within you, the ones which had forced you to accuse him of infidelity, rose once more.

“[Name],” he merely sighed. It was obvious that he hated whatever would follow, and knowing that tore at your heart. An unnoticed tear slid down your cheek, evidence of the emotional pain you were in. Heero, however, did notice. He stood, reached out, and gently brushed it away.

“You’re freezing,” he muttered slightly upset. Before you could even tell him that you were fine, he had you wrapped up in his embrace. “You should’ve waited at the party.” You shook your head even as you snuggled deeper into the embrace. You had missed this, had missed his warmth. How long had it been since you had allowed him to hold you like this?

“I couldn’t,” you merely told him, your hands gripping his coat tightly. “I couldn’t let you think that those words were true. Please don’t let them get to you. I was wrong. I know that now.” You clung to him even tighter, hoping you could erase the damage your foolish words had caused. “But I was jealous, Heero. Can’t you understand that? You’ve been spending all this time with her. You’re always giving me the excuse that you don’t want to fail her, that you will protect her. Don’t you realize know how that sounds?”

“[Name],” he sighed out again, this time sounding exasperated. You held your tongue, knowing that tone and realizing it didn’t predict anything good. His arms slipped away from you

“I’m sorry,” you quickly stated before completely stopping. You didn’t want him to give up on you, on what you two have together; even though you knew you had done so not an hour ago.

You loosened the hold you had on him, forcing yourself to relax your muscles so he could pull away completely. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so na´ve, you would’ve held this discussion a long time ago, and not at the start of a season you usually loved.

“I told you it’s not like that.”

You looked away from him, unsure about your future now. You nodded your head in answer, unable to form any words. Your silence was not what he wanted from you.

“Why don’t you believe that?”

“Because you’re always with her,” you mumbled. How could he not see what he was doing? Sometimes you wondered, though, if it was his guilt about an old mistake that made him so adherent to protect her, or if it was something else entirely. Everybody else was whispering about it already; how Relena and her bodyguard could make such a marvelous couple. Did he not realize what those people talked about behind his back?

“It’s my job to protect her.”

“I know.”

“And it has nothing to do with what happened in the past.”

Your hands fisted at your side. He could say that, but you didn’t believe it. His nightmares belied his words, didn’t they?

“If you say so.”

He grunted, the mere sound an indication that he was displeased with you. You chanced a quick look, but his eyes didn’t tell you much of what he was thinking. The downturn of his lips, on the other hand, told you enough about his state of mind. You were messing this up!

“I’m sorry,” you muttered quickly, hoping to stop your earlier mistake from being repeated. You loved him! You truly didn’t want him to leave.

“Though your jealousy is somewhat flattering, this has to stop, love.”

You relaxed slightly; hearing him call you ‘love’ was enough to stop you from thinking the worst. Then the rest registered and you stiffened slightly. It was never a good thing to be called upon your jealousy, even if you had admitted it only moments before.

“Fine,” you growled, turning away slightly to avoid him seeing the resentment that had settled in your eyes. “You’re near her side to protect her. I get that. It has nothing to do with that little girl and her pup.”

Again, you realized your mistake too late. With wide eyes that once more showed your regret and shame, you looked at him. You cursed yourself a fool once more, for the pain in his gaze told you enough of the damage your words had once more done. This time, though, you didn’t apologize. You merely let your shoulders droop as your gaze refocused on the ground. It would be stupid to expect him to stay after this. You and your big mouth …

Ever so slowly, you began to realize that it had begun snowing. The flecks were light and melted as they touched the ground, but they were none the less there. You loved snow, loved it for they could make the world look so different. With just one fine layer of it, it could bring out the more playful side to people. It made the world seem reborn. You wanted that now more than anything.

“You always had a knack to hurt me with the truth,” Heero once more caught your attention as he spoke softly. His hand unexpectedly glided over your cheek, before he turned your head so you were once more facing him. You hated what he had said, for it meant you were right. You never wanted to be right about this. “You are right. It has everything to do with that girl, but I never joined to only protect Relena.” You lost some of the sadness and jealousy that had been festering inside of you for quite some time now. You waited for him to continue, waited to hear the words that could restore your trust in him. “I want to protect you, too, love.”

You felt a few more tears stream down your cheek, though they were all erased before they could drip to the ground. His lips crashed down on yours without warning, but you didn’t mind. Ever since your jealousy had been growing, you had been shunning most of his touches. Now, though, you leaned towards him, pushing your lips even harder against his own. It brought some heat back to your body. His free arm wrapped around you, bringing you closer once more, offering the heat you longed for after standing in this cold for too long.

“I refuse to let anything happen to you,” he stated with determination, his voice slightly husky. “So stop pushing me away,” he growled, finally letting his own emotions concerning the situation come through.

“I’m sorry,” you couldn’t help but say. “I’m sorry I didn’t have more faith in you. I just,” you trailed off as he once more kissed you. It seemed that, now that you had allowed one touch, he wouldn’t allow you to refuse him any longer.

“I had faith in you,” he told you, his lips brushing against your ear. You shivered, this time not from the cold. “I’ll never leave your side, [Name], no matter what you say ... I’d die without you here.”

Those words echoed inside of you, your heart aching at what they meant. This time, though, it was you who leaned forward, seizing his lips in a passionate kiss. “I love you,” you merely told him. The look he sent you was affectionate and happy, one you returned in kind. Perhaps this season would be a happy one as well, for the man you loved was basically telling you he would never leave your side.

As you two made your way back to the party, you realized the snow was sticking to the ground ever so lightly, creating a slowly growing white carpet. You sighed, before trying to walk ever so much closer to Heero without making it impossible to walk. It earned you another affectionate look and a brief kiss to your forehead.

Your smile turned wider as you thought about this year’s soon approaching Christmas. It was going to be a season of new beginnings after all, one you believed in more than ever before …

~The end ~
Chapter End Notes:
What do you guys think? Is it a great warmer for the cold winter? Next one up ... to be honest, I still haven't a clue about who I'll be writing next ^_^'
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