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Author's Chapter Notes:
These are the drabbles from back in the day when Jamlyfics still existed *wipes a tear away* Haa, good old days...

Anyway, since it's December, I thought that there'd be no better time to post them again than this. So let's start with the lovely Dante!
“Ah... aah... aaah...”


“Aaah... aaaaah...”


“Aaaaaah... DAMMIT!”

Peeking into the room, you saw Dante sitting at his desk, glaring at a lamp. Scattered around him were feathers, mint gums and even a pair of tweezers. Your face lit up as you realised his predicament.

“Are you getting sick?” you asked in surprise. Was that even possible? Could demons get sick, even if their genes were watered down with human DNA?

“You underestimate me.” Dante feigned hurt.

He pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt another sneeze coming up and groaned when it refused to cooperate.
Sighing at his pitiful state, you made your way over to him.

“Here, let me help you.”

You pressed your lips to his and parted them to lick them, asking for permission to enter. His tongue ran over yours, but he couldn’t get any further than that. He abruptly pushed you away, looked up and sneezed the loudest sneeze you had ever heard.

He stood there, dazed by the pleasurable sensation filling him.

“Did you know that sneezing has the same effect on your brain as an orgasm?”

Dante squinted his eyes at you before replying.

“You. Me. Bedroom. Now.”
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