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Story Notes:

This is a colab project between standfordtheauthor and me. I'm writing the story and he's doing the art. :)


Disclaimer: I do not own any recognizable character or setting within this story.

Whatcha watching little dude,” Amethyst asks as she leaves her room to get a snack from the fridge. Steven stares intently at the screen as he quietly replies, “Renaldo’s video about us…” He’s somber, and seems troubled by something; Amethyst can see that something’s on his mind so she waits for him to say something else.

“Okay Peedee. I think that about wraps it up! Good job with the camera bro!” At those words, Steven closes the laptop and turns to the purple gem.

“Amethyst, you guys say that you’re here to protect the Earth from evil gems, but I’ve been thinking,” he says hesitantly. He stares off into space as he tries to find the right way to put it. Amethyst leans against the counter and munches on some popcorn with cheese while she waits. As he’s just about to say something, Pearl comes out of her room as well.

“Good morning, Steven. Amethyst.” She gives a curt not to each as she calmly walks towards the chore wheel, a slight smile on her face. Her finger elegantly sways around it as she chooses what to do first.

“Why don’t we protect other towns and cities too? Like in other countries? Are monsters only around here because of the war? Because of us?”

Pearl snaps her once bent form up, a look of horror not at all concealed. Amethyst just has her brows furrowed, confusion being her main reaction. “Why… Why would you ask?” Pearl faltered. A small sad smile came over his face.

“I’m starting to think that Ocean Town isn’t the only city that’s been lost…”

Compassion overcomes Pearl; she quickly makes her way over to his spot on the couch and wraps her arms around him. “Oh, Steven. Just like your mother. Rose always worried about other living creatures’ lives. That’s why she took us in, why she took care of us so much.”

He snuggles into Pearl’s hold and stays very still. Steven feels the arm rest dip a bit, and chubby little hands start playing with his hair. “How come you're worried, babe?” Amethyst asks soothingly. He doesn’t respond. All he can think about is the picture of little creatures coming out of people. They would have seemed cute at first glance– if it weren’t for the fact that those people looked like they were screaming in pain…

Garnet leaves the hall where she was quietly watching and, after leaning on the counter, makes an announcement.

“We’re going on a trip.”

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