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Steven begins to wonder why he only ever sees corrupted gems around Beach City and small islands. To reassure Steven that everything is ok, they plan on visiting another highly populated city across the ocean.

Not even Garnet with her future vision could have ever foreseen the problems that come along with visiting London.

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Published: 12/30/15 Updated: 02/06/17
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This is a colab project between standfordtheauthor and me. I'm writing the story and he's doing the art. :)


Disclaimer: I do not own any recognizable character or setting within this story.

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Hey guys!! I'm so sorry I've been taking 5ever to update. I've been trying and trying to get back to this piece, but nothing I wrote was working out. Plus, with school and work being as busy as its been the past couple of months, actually dedicating time to write has been hard to.

Thank you so much to all those who've been reading (and especially to Rambird! It's always so motivating to see reviews and thoughts whenever I'm feeling especially hopeless with this piece).

This chapter is pretty short, but I'm working my way towards a bit more action. Let me know what you think with a review, yeah?