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Summary: The color of her vallaslin was a curious thing.
Rated: K
Categories: Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters: Solas, The Inquisitor
Genres: Romance
Story Type: Ficlet
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Published: 02/17/16 Updated: 02/17/16
Story Notes:
Not "Alas!" like in Shakespeare - it is an elven word (found here: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Elven_language).

Fun fact: Solas was my first inquisitor's love interest and I got to the last story mission before deciding I wanted to go after Cullen and made a new character LOL.

This has been on AO3 for a bit and I forgot to post here so here it is. The Inquisitor isn't named but is described. I have a Tumblr where you can see her (http://mizspectre.tumblr.com/).

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1. Alas by Resurii [Reviews - 0] (1118 words)