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"What if..."


"How would that go?"

Questions are the key to understanding, and exploration is the way to development. With imagine blogs all over, how can one not be inspired to write and delve into the beautiful abyss of fanfiction?

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Published: 02/24/16 Updated: 01/05/18
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: These prompts are not mine, though anyone can use them.

Also, neither these characters nor the worlds they come from are mine, but we all knew that already.

1. Heartworm by AlexC [Reviews - 1] Liked (394 words)

Imagine: Natasha finding out that you've been with Hydra the entire time she's been falling in love with you.

2. Long Lost Best Friend by AlexC [Reviews - 1] Liked (323 words)

Summary: After years apart, some friendships can still fall right back into place.

3. Mind Over Matter by AlexC [Reviews - 0] (1373 words)

This was a little longer than I was going for, but I think it turned out ok. Hope you guys like it. Also, this is a little different than my usual reader-insert format. I hope it doesn't take from the experience too much.

4. Mix and Match by AlexC [Reviews - 0] (184 words)

Summary: You have a secret crush on the Boy Who Lived, and his best friends love teasing you about it. Good thing Harry's clueless.


This is a very short drabble, but that is kind of the point of the "Imagine This" series. Writing short pieces that may one day get more added to them.

5. Teasing is Fun by AlexC [Reviews - 0] (781 words)

Summary: Fred has a crush, and George decides to have some fun.

6. Not My Baby by AlexC [Reviews - 0] (2257 words)

Summary: Your baby is going on her first date, and Draco is not mentally prepared for this.