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Summary: With all his little habits, he always ends up making you say, "Dammit Hayato!"

[Reader x Gokudera Hayato]
[High School!Reader x High School!Gokudera Hayato]
[TYL!Reader x TYL!Gokudera Hayato]

Response to "10 Little Things..." by FantasyAcquired on Lunaescence
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1. You can be a jerk sometimes... by Miss Reem [Reviews - 8] Liked (247 words)
Hello everyone! I am Miss Reem. This is my first story here on GotVG. I hope I get to know everyone through this community and also improve my writing with everyone's constructive criticism! :D

I also have this story posted on Lunaescence under the same penname, Miss Reem. Otherwise, if it is anywhere else it was not me!

I love KHR!, it is one of my favorite animes so I could not resist doing this challenge. This challenge is posted on Lunaescence. I will have a link down in the notes below for anyone who also wants to give it a go.

Please leave me a review of what you thought was good and what I can improve! I will really appreciate it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own KHR or you. Merely, this plot bunny.

[High School!Reader x High School!Gokudera]

2. You never listen... by Miss Reem [Reviews - 1] Liked (409 words)
It has been a while but I am here somehow. Apparently, Lunaescence is down for some time due to some hacker threat? I just hope everything is okay.

In the mean time, I want to finish this challenge since I literally have only like 2 chapters left to write -_- I want to finish this so I can focus on all 101 ideas that are cluttering my head. I have been itching to write Tales of Xillia and Kuroko no Basuke but I have no idea which to start first. Let me know which ones you would like!

Anyway, enjoy this chapter! As always, reviews and constructive criticism is always appreciated!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own KHR or you. Merely, this plot bunny.

[High School!Reader x High School! Gokudera Hayato]

3. You have a temper... by Miss Reem [Reviews - 0] (184 words)
Here's the next chapter! It's a bit shorter but I really like it. Please let me know in the reviews what you guys think!

Also I wanted to thank Seducing_The_Night and MizzGinger for reviewing my last two chapters! I really appreciate the time you took to write a review! I also appreciate Seducing_The_Night for suggesting to write Kuroko no Basket!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own you or KHR!, just the plot

[Reader x Gokudera Hayato]