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Story Notes:

Nobody belongs to me, unfornutely. Only plot.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The Kuroko story no one asked for.

Quick mention: the story will continue in second POV, but for this chapter, it'll be in third POV.

Eyes wide and colored with a pure, vibrant blue, he stares at his new classmates as they buzz with nervous excitement. Their gazes never cease to move, inspecting one another on the merits of their appearance.

Keeping to himself, Kuroko spectates like how he usually does. His classmates never meet his gaze, unaware of his presence as always. He's used to it and doesn't feel the least bit insulted. Actually, he prefers it that way... Though, there are times when he wishes that someone will take note of him. Maybe it'll happen today during his first day of middle school? 

 When he feels some tap his shoulder, his heart stutters at the possibility.

He turns his head to see a girl, who's catching the attention of everyone in the classroom. She stands out like a sore thumb-- looking slightly more adjusted to the environment and downing a blue ribbon in her hair. 'Is she a second year?'

There's apprehension marring her features, but she's staring straight at him. "Excuse me, can you deliver these documents to your homeroom teacher?"

Kuroko glances around to make sure she is speaking to him but is quick to respond. "Y-Yes."

She smiles with relief and tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear. The scent of her shampoo wafts over and it intoxicates him. "Thank you," she bows her head and leaves him speechless and in awe.

A seed of love subtly inseminates his heart, and he has yet to know the turmoils he'll face.
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